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Håkan Östlundh

Quality pageturner with many dimensions


Håkan Östlundh brings his readers right into the action, amuses them, makes them nervous, angry, happy and sad with his knife-sharp skill visualizing scenes and creating characters. Not a single detail in the text is left hanging; everything has its reason. In his detective novels, he’s not just interested in his heroes but also allows his criminals their side of the story, so that the reader understands reasons underlying the evil they encounter.  


Håkan Östlundh’s books have a touch of both Joyce Carol Oates and Dennis Lehane. His stories are based on intrigue but his details make the scenes come alive. Once you sit down to read one of his novels, you won’t want to put it down, and once you’re finished, you won’t forget them, perhaps because the solutions are not simple and morality not as clear-cut as you would imagine.


Håkan Östlund spends his summers on the Swedish island of Gotland and his winters in Stockholm. He has studied literature and worked as a journalist. He’s also written a great deal for television and film, including the detective series Höök, the drama series The Sixth Day (Sjätte dagen) and the cartoon series Jerry and his three Friends (De tre vännerna och Jerry).


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Other Works

  • 1996 – Crazy Daddy (Galnopappan), children’s book
  • 1986 – The Locals (Infödingar), novel
  • 1985 – Snow in Summer (Sommarsnö), novel
  • 1981 – White Faces (Vita ansikten), young adult novel


Readers' comments

"A special praise to your extraordinary skill of story weaving; it's very effortlessly and elegantly done, quite masterly and among the best I read in Swedish."


"I am so happy because I've just discovered you, I began reading The Diver last night and continued this morning until I had to get up. You write fantastically well so I understand that I have many exciting and great reading experiences ahead of me."


"I love your books… they are super strong."


"I just started to read Terror, one of your fabulous books and I went on line right away to order the other two available."


"I want to say thank you for your books, it’s great to “disappear” into another world for a while."


"I bought your book Seaweed on the ferry going home from Gotland and I am totally hooked."


"Håkan, thousands of thank you for a fantastic read!"


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