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Kristina Appelqvist

Cosy crime and feel good atmosphere


Besides being an author, Kristina Appelqvist is also a freelance journalist and communications consultant.


Her books take place in the small city of Skövde and the beautiful countryside surrounding it. The university environment, combined with the idyllic small town create a very special kind of feel-good atmosphere; Midsomer Murders meets Inspector Morse. She knows the university environments well. She obtained her undergraduate degree in literature from Lund University and gained her journalism qualifications from Mid Sweden University in Sundsvall. She has also studied German at the University of Vienna as well as Middle Eastern Studies and Archeology in Jerusalem. She has also worked in the world of academia for many years, first as head of communications for the University of Skövde and thereafter as a consultant at several universities and colleges. It was during her time as head of communications that she realized an academic world filled with conflict and power struggles made for a brilliant setting for crime fiction, marking the genesis of her first book.


Kristina Appelqvist’s books have developed a reputation as exciting feel-good mysteries where intrigue and puzzle solving are central to the plot. The array of characters are inspired mostly by academics, but also a number of other small-town people who appear throughout the series. She is extremely interested by literature, art, music and history; this is visible in her books where suspense and education go hand in hand: the top secret Nobel committee, literary societies and foundations, important operatic arias, the former communist regime in East Germany, the Danish author Karen Blixen and William Shakespeare all feature as critical features of her plots.


The list of Kristina Appelqvist’s inspiration ranges from early age to more recent additions. British crime writers such as Agatha Christie, Dorothy Sayers and PD James she lapped up in her younger years. Gaudy Night by Dorothy Sayers in particular made a strong impression, and being set in the world of Oxford academia, it has been a source of inspiration for Kristina’s own academic mysteries. Nowadays her library also includes the American mystery writer Elizabeth George and Caroline Graham, author of the Inspector Barnaby books.


Kristina Appelqvist's crime novels have given her many loyal readers, with fans comparing her to a contemporary Maria Lang or a Swedish Agatha Christie.




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