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The Friend of a Friend (Bekantas bekanta)

Mats Strandberg


Camilla has just turned 30 and has left her career as a fashion model. Living in Stockholm during the 90’s, she has no money, no carrier and no security, but she has a plan. She is going to win back the man she once betrayed and also become a successful pop singer. The greatest obstacle to her pop music dreams is Lilly, a young girl from the countryside who has just moved to Stockholm in order to become famous and who is willing to pay any price to get there. Between the two of them there’s an overweight drag queen, Daniel, Camilla’s best friend and as well as Lilly’s brother. Daniel refuses to see that his kid sister is no longer the shy little girl he grew up with.


Family ties and red carpets, and all kinds of club goers, wannabes, poetic souls, soap opera actors, stylists and media whores: welcome to Stockholm in the 90’s! If you loved Mats Strandberg’s first novel, The Hunting Season, you’ll be glad to meet the younger selves of familiar characters.


328 Pages


Rights sold

Sweden: Forum, Månpocket



"I couldn’t put it down until I finished the last page."

Dagens Nyheter


"I want to be the best friends with Mats Standberg’s characters!"

Helsingborgs Dagblad


"Read it now or regret it forever."



"This book runs rings around the others in its genre without even gasping for breath."



“A Madeleine in the cookies of chic lit.”



“Can’t put it down.”



“The columnist Mats Strandberg delieves a charming, smart and entertaining trip down memory lane which you just can’t put down.”



“And once you add the clever story, you have the best novel this June.”

Tidningen Tove