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Do not Turn Around

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Let Me Take Your Hand

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Grave of Silence

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Women on the Beach

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Best Crime Novel of the Year 2014
Pockethexorna 2013

Tove Alsterdal is one of the most praised authors of Swedish crime fiction in recent years.Since the sensational debut 2009, with Women on the beach, her novels have received tremendous response among critics and readers.

Tove Alsterdal is a driven stylist with ability to throw a merciless light on contemporary society. She takes the Nordic Noir tradition into the world of epic drama.

Her stories often start off as a family drama but soon the connection to historical events, local or international, broadens the story both geographically and psychological. In Tove’s books it’s often the history of the forgotten, and silenced, that surface and becomes the core of the story. Strong, passionate characters are other distinctive features of her books and can be traced to the fact that Tove has worked many years as a script writer in theatre, radio and film.

She was also a journalist before her authorship became a full time job and is often praised for her thorough research. The stories are set close to reality, but never weighten down by facts. She has a strong commitment, but never succumbs to preaching.

Tove Alsterdal deals with reality, the past and the very present, and creates big drama, explores borders and boundaries. Maybe it’s the heritage of growing up in the very north of Sweden, on the boarder to the east, that has made her dig deep into questions about who belongs where and who has the right to claim a place or an inherence.

With her novels, Tove Alsterdal expands the boundaries of the crime genre. For her, crime is not only suspense, but a way of telling greater stories about life, society and what it means to be human.

Her third novelLet me take your hand, was awarded Best Crime Novel of the Year in Sweden 2014 and nominated to the Glass Key (Best Crime novel of the Year in Scandinavia). Her first book, Women on the Beach –shortlisted as best first crime novel in Sweden and France – is being adapted to a tv-series in the UK.


2016 – Do Not Turn Around (Vänd dig inte om), crime novel
2014 – Let me Take Your Hand (Låt mig ta din hand), crime novel
2012 – Grave of Silence (I tystnaden begravd), crime novel
2009 – Women on the Beach (Kvinnorna på stranden), crime novel


“She’s the John le Carré of Sweden”
Åsa Larsson

Readers comments

“Tove Alsterdal’s new crime novel Do Not Turn Around shows precisely that it was not an accident that she was awarded “The Best Crime Novel of the Year 2014” by The Swedish Crime Academy. This is a brilliantly constructed thriller. I hesitate to use the expression Queen of Crime, partly because I find there has been an overuse of the expression, but mainly because I am a convinced non-monarchist. Therefore, I suggest we proclaim Tove Alsterdal to Sweden’s first Prime Crime Minister!”
Johan Zillén, Akademibokhandeln /SWE

“Alsterdal writes the ass off many other best sellers.”

“All I’m saying is pageturner!”

“It’s been a long time since someone were able to trick me as far into the story as this one has.”

“I’m reading as slow as I possibly can. I want it to last for a long time. It is, damn good.”

“There is no beating around the bush here which is usually the case with female characters and something I’m dead tired of. This is the opposite, and Alsterdal’s main character Ally would be a perfect female Jason Bourne.”

“Fantastic book which my mom recommended to me!”

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