ESTER KARLSSON WITH A K (Ester Karlsson med K)

Christina Olséni and Micke Hansen

Ester Karlsson, 78 years old and a widow, lives with her cockatoo Roland in the prosperous housing association The Lark. Days come and go in her slow life and the most exciting thing that happen are the occational disputes wth the neighbours about the laundry room or the broken elevator door. That is till the day when the janitor is found dead in the attic.

The police instantly realizes that the man has been murdered and Ester, who needs to fill her days, decides to start her own investigation. With coffee and vanilla dream cookies Ester nests herself in with both neighbours and the police group, hoping to find clues. When another death happens in the house no one of the inhabitants at The Lark goes free from suspicion. Not even Ester.

Ester Karlsson with a K is a humorous whodunit written by the authors behind the successes series The Falsterbo Murders.


Sweden: Bokfabriken


“Charming, human and with just the right suspense. With an easy touch Olséni & Hansen succeed in describing moods from some Lundian environments. I certainly hope that Ester Karlsson with K is the start of a new series.”
Ystads Allehanda/SWE

“Ester Karlsson with a K is Lund’s own Miss Marple”
Skånska Dagbladet/SWE