Tove Alsterdal

Grave of Silence takes place in the very north of Sweden, on the banks of Torne River and the Swedish border to the east. It’s ice cold midwinter, when a former cross country skier, the loner Lapp-Erik, is beaten to death in an old farm, isolated from the rest of the village.

In the meantime, further south, Katrine returns from London, where she has lost her job as a correspondent for Swedish Radio. She discovers that her mother has gone into dementia, and when going through her belongings she reveals secrets about their past that has been kept in silence for decades. It all leads to the northern village Kivikangas and further east, into the fallen empire of the Soviet Union.

Grave of Silence is a page-turning crime novel that develops into a dark family chronicle, with strings back through the entire twenties century. It describes the human longing for a life worth living.

350 pages

Rights sold

China: Xinhua Publishing House
Denmark: Modtryk
Estonia: Kunst
Finland: Gummerus
France: Actes Sud
Germany: Lübbe
Greece: Metaichmio Publications S.A
The Netherlands: Prometheus
Norway: Kagge
Poland: Muza
Sweden: Lind & Co


“The critics community is right again. This is this year’s best Swedish crime novel.”
Liza Marklund


“Feel free to put on your anoraks and go hang out at Kivikangas, a discreet but very rich world awaits you. A large Scandinavian thriller and a well hidden part of hidden part of international history combined with a plot in total control.”
Quatre Sans Quatre /France

“Put on boots and bonnets, and embark on a fascinating and captivating thriller. A great novel which is a definite must to read!”
Librairie Le Goût des Mots /France

“Exciting from beginning to end, this thriller reveals a slice of a little known piece of history and has story and has a plot with multiple twists and turns, all in bitter cold and heaps of snow.”
Radio Evasioin /France

“Tove Alsterdal surprises and fascinates with this totally authentic story. She brings major themes, such as mainstream of history in relation to destiny and identity, in an credible and compelling way to the reader. She writes in a innovative way when she explores who we really are. To support the plot she has done profound research which adds cinematic winter pictures to the village which becomes a character in itself. The language is varied and never in the way of the story.”
Den Scriptor /The Netherlands

“Alsterdal’s diligent research, combined with her strong language, has created a book where the story floats beautifully over the people and the whole social community. This is both elegant, readable and thrilling.”
Alt for damer /Denmark

“With Grave of Silence Tove Alsterdal repeats the success from her first book. This crime novel becomes so much more than a thrilling story. It gives an insight in how the system lures (poor) people into disaster. As it has done, so many times. In the past as well as today.”
Fyens Stiftstidene / Denmark

“Tove Alsterdal’s new suspense novel is more than a gripping thriller – it’s a great psychological drama, a contemporary historical novel and a small melancholy love song.”
Västerbottens-Kuriren /Sweden

“Tove Alsterdal is a new star on the Swedish crime sky who really found her own style, a harsh criticism of society and a Swedish noir.”
Borås Tidning /Sweden

“Grave of Silence is so much more than a harrowing and suspenseful thriller that deserves many readers since it is so eerily well told. Furthermore, it is a great psychological drama, a contemporary historical novel and a little melancholic love song.” /Sweden

“Tove Alsterdal has written a brilliant detective intrigue, where the old north Sweden meet the new, the old and new Russia collide and where a woman tries to find her family’s history in a tangle of lies and helpless idealism.”
Dagens Nyheter /Sweden

“In her second novel, Grave of silence, she keeps the international grip, while confirming that she owns a very special and impressively strong author’s voice. Grave of silence keeps me in a stranglehold from the opening scene at the ruined homestead where everything comes back until the surprising and bold ending.”
Göteborgsposten /Sweden

“Maybe it’s a thriller, but in my eyes it’s much more than that. I think I have to resort to big words, in my world she stands side by side with authors like Dennis Lehane and Ross McDonald.  With Grave of Silence Tove Alsterdal confirms that she belongs among the elite crime writers or Sweden.”
Norrbottenskuriren /Sweden

“This is just so exciting. Based on extensive research and peppered with authentic details from both the past and most recent time. Most important is still the main thread, the story of the early 30th century Norrbotten emigrants. All this makes Tove Alsterdal’s Grave of Silence a very strong and very important novel.”
Östgötacorrespondenten /Sweden

“This is a novel about dreams and aspirations for a better life. The wandering in and out of a black family history makes Grave of Silence so much better than the regular Swedish action detective story.”
Sundsvalls tidning /Sweden

“Alsterdal has an incredibly feeling for details which brings the story exactly the tone that it needs.”
A Book A Day /Sweden

“It may be a fact that the best detective novel of 2012 has already been published. This is the best I’ve read in a very, very long time.”
DAST Magazine /Sweden

“Anyone who writes a book should have something to say, he or she should have a good story. Tove Alsterdal has not only a good story, she has several, and she also highlights the history of northern Sweden. This is so much more than a detective story.”
Norrländska socialdemokraten /Sweden

“Alsterdal offers more than just a crime novel in the northern environment. This is also a pretty sad family chronicle throught the twenties century, ranging from the very north of Sweden to the darkest parts of the Soviet Union history. Alsterdal carries the reader all through the story without ever loosing momentum. This is a very worthy sequel to her first novel.”
Kristianstadsbladet /Sweden

“Without anticipating my upcoming review of the second Alsterdal novel too much, I can still say that it will probably take a position on 2012’s list of best crime novels.” /Sweden

Regardless of genre, Mats Strandberg has been praised for his sharp eye for character and dialogue. His characters are created with a large portion of psychological insight. They are never purely ”good” or ”evil”, but always relatable and believable. His novels are carefully plotted, the stories weaved with precision and confidence in the universe he has created.