LET ME TAKE YOUR HAND (Låt mig ta din hand)

Tove Alsterdal

On a freezing early spring night, Charlie Eriksson falls to her death from a balcony on the eleventh floor of a high-rise apartment block in the Stockholm suburb of Jakobsberg. She leaves a chaotic life behind her, of drug abuse and shattered dreams. The case is written off as a suicide by the police, as there are no signs of crime at the scene.

The same night Riddarn, a scruffy tramp known for his delusional claims and wild conspiracy theories, such as claiming that Olof Palme is still alive, walks the streets of Jakobsberg. He sees Charlie outside a nightclub together with a threatening man. But who would ever believe in a witness like Riddarn?

Helene has left Jakobsberg, broken all links to her family and distanced herself from her childhood with a mother who abandoned them, a father who drank too much and a sister who couldn’t distinguish between reality and imagination.

But who was her sister Charlie? Did she really commit suicide? And what did she do in Buenos Aires four weeks before her death? I seems she came close to dangerous secrets. Helene sets out to find out. The traces leadback to the 1970’s, when their mother fell in love with a man from Argentine and then suddenly disappeared.

In her increasingly frenzied search for the truth, Helene is confronted with a brutal part of Latin America’s history that turns out to be deeply intertwined with the tragedies of her own family, more so than she could ever have imagined.

Let Me Take Your Hand is a dark family drama and a thriller about passion and betrayal, atrocity and reconciliation.

472 pages


China: Xinhua Publishing House
Czech Republic: Motto/Albatros
Denmark: Modtryk
Estonia: Kunst
France: Rouergue/Actes Sud
Germany: Lübbe
Israel: Sela Publisher
Italy: Newton Compton
Netherlands: Prometheus
Norway: Kagge
Poland: Muza
Slovakia: Motto/Albatros
Sweden: Lind & Co


“Best Crime Novel of the Year 2014 with the following motivation:
“An elaborated and linguistically woven story of mystery and contemporary history”.


“Tove Alsterdal combines deeply poignant family stories with political thriller. The topics never get dull or didactive and she has an instinctive feeling when she writes about people, about love, guilt, loss and reconciliation. She writes with a light pen, and one travels through the story effortlessly. It is so worth every minute of the time it actually takes to read a book. She is the John le Carré of Sweden.”
Åsa Larsson

“This is the best Swedish crime novel this year, and I know that already for the simple reason that it just cannot get better than this.”
Amelia, Malin PerssonGiolito (author)


Let Me Take Your Hand is a literary smash hit. It is a many layered tale about a family falling apart, set up against the 70’s activism for a better and fairer world. A sparkling good drama.”
Aftenposten /Norway

“Alsterdal have shown a seriousness through her whole authorship which is very becoming. It is easy to understand that her quite mournful crime novels has been translated into 16 language – and that this book was awarded “Best Crime Novel of the Year” by the Swedish Crime Writers’ Academy 2014. The language lives. The politics is never too prominent. And above all, it’s a story about human beings trying to be whole and trying to come home.”
Aftenbladet /Norway

“Tove Alsterdal strikes again. With a tragic story that captivates the readers. With clairity and through compelling language she paints the story of two women who had to cope with a loss at early age.”

“The novel is a rousing family drama, a piece of dark history of Argentina and a traditional detectives novel, all in one. Rome in one. And it is simply magnificent.”

Let Me Take Your Hand is a glimmering good crime novel that revolves around the death of a young, troubled woman. It is also an intriguing political thriller about a woman’s accession to the resistance after the military coup in Argentina in the 70s. In other words, an impressive,broad and complex narrative fiction novel, and Alsterdal carries it all to shore with a secure and literary good pen. Grade: 6 out of 6.”
VG /Norway

“As in Alsterdals preceding novels the action alternate between the large and small world. Leaning on heavy research the author makes the story easy and accessible. The political is just a backdrop, it is the carachters the tale cares about. Alsterdal may seem a bit like a Mankell in making, but her books are more related to Zulu and Mapute by Caryl Ferey. The plot is well outlined; and although one thinks that the solution is given, in the end, there is a smart an unexpected twist.”
Ukeadressa /Norway

“It is an almost complete detective novel, psychological thriller and family drama, all in one and. It is well written, relevant in a global perspective. Let me take your hand is entertainment with intellectual vitamins. A rare crime and carefully and insightfully drawn characters. And an exemplary precise language. So good!”
Berlingske Tiderne /Denmark

“Swedish crime novel in the super league: Present, socially conscious, highly dramatic and extremely well researched.”
Altfor Damerne /Denmark

Let Me Take Your Hand was awarded Best Crime Novel of the Year 2014 in Sweden. Definitely a worthy winner. The book links together a family drama with society critic and power politics. And it is very suspenseful.”
Weekendavisen /Denmark

“The best crime novel this year. According to both me and the Swedish Crime Academy.”
Lotta Olsson, Sweden’s leading crime critic

“Dense, groovy, with social pathos and surprising twists. A detective story which has everything.”
Tara /Sweden

“Tove Alsterdal has always something to tell you. She always has a new and different story and she can tell it so that you get goose bumps of pleasure. Tove Alsterdal is not a Queen of crime. Such are chosen among those who write traditional detective stories, with family relationship focus. Tove Alsterdal is more than a Queen of crime. She is the Empress of the genre.”
DAST Magazine /Sweden

“The further into the book I get, the more rapt I become. An extraordinary well written thriller, dark and hair-raising.”
Aftonbladet /Sweden

“Without doubt, she is one of our best crime novelists right now. Or rather, she is simply THE best crime novelist right now. Let Me Take Your Hand, is one of this autumns strongest must-reads.”
NorraSkåne.se /Sweden


“Tove Alsterdal weaves a fascinating story with many elements. There are small and large crimes, violations individuals commit for personal reasons, but also the major offences that have affected humanity. Tove Alsterdal has a rare ability to hereby make them anxious again.”
Dagens Nyheter /Sweden

Let Me Take Your Hand, Tove Alsterdal’s new crime novel is a beautiful proof that the genre has not exhausted its’ narrative qualities. Tove Alsterdal possesses all the technical skills, but above all a humanist conception of the human being. Her story about Swedish idealism and Argentine military dictatorship during the dirty war in the seventis is subtle, almost intimacy.”
NorrbottensKuriren /Sweden

Regardless of genre, Mats Strandberg has been praised for his sharp eye for character and dialogue. His characters are created with a large portion of psychological insight. They are never purely ”good” or ”evil”, but always relatable and believable. His novels are carefully plotted, the stories weaved with precision and confidence in the universe he has created.