Tove Alsterdal

Beckomberga was once the site of the largest mental institution in Europe. Now the former asylum, with the beautiful surrounding park,  is turned into upscale homes.

The past shall be erased.

Svante Levander, a seemingly successful consultant, moves into one of the fancy houses with his new and younger fiancée. Outside the panoramic windows, in the dark, they are watched by his ex-wife Eva, who believes that it’s not yet too late for her and Svante to find their way back to each other. One evening, she follows Svante on his way to a late-open supermarket and tries to talk to him. Suddenly something hits her head and when she wakes up she sees her ex-husband on the pavement, stabbed by the very same knife she bought for him a Christmas years ago.

Eva is arrested on suspicion of murder. It turns out she has been stalking Svante for a while. The only way to clear herself is to find the one and only witness to the murder, a Romanian Roma woman who sat outside the supermarket, begging for money. The woman can’t be found. No one seems to remember her, if she even existed.

A journey begins, in desperate search for the truth, on the verge of the Swedish society, the undergrounds and the woods, and all the way to where the western society ends, by the shores of the Black Sea.

Meanwhile, at Beckomberga, a man finds a human cranium under the bed of his 12-year old son. It leads the police to an unknown graveyard in the outskirts of the park, where more bodies are found. Fear explodes in the neighborhood.

The dark history is more alive than anyone could imagine.

413 pages


Denmark: Modtryk
Germany: Lübbe
Israel: Sela Publisher
Netherlands: Prometheus
Norway: Kagge
Sweden: Lind&Co


“Not many authors can pull off to tie together every day suburban life with a society in freefall, and then combine international politics and murder mysteries with a gripping portrayal of feeling very lonely in your own family. But Tove Alsterdal does exactly that. Read!”
Malin Persson Giolito


“I’ts such a relief to read the new new stand-alone novel from Swedish Tove Alsterdal, her fourth crime novel. If this even is a crime novel. Alsterdal doesn’t seak popularity, she writes books about criminality, but far more than the standard trespassing. This time it’s about Swedish conditions – seen so definitely from the wrong side. This time it’s about the conditions in Sweden – seen so from the side of the ones on the bottom of the society ladder. Alsterdal fits nicely into the range of prima crime writers that allows each work to stand on its own for its own merits, Belinda Bauer and Minette Walters are two other good examples on my A-list.”

Stavanger Aftenblad /Norway

“Alsterdal is one of the crime writers who raises the quality, and is an honor for the whole genre.”
Berglinske Tiderne, 5 out of 5 /Denmark

“The Swedish author Tove Alsterdal’s Let Me Take Your Hand was among the very best last year. The new one is as nerve recking, when the story centers around a closed mental hospital. It is an absolutely smashing thriller.”
DagbladetN /Norway

“Alsterdals depictures her characters in a light and gente way. She provides them with strong identities and they smell and taste. The pulse transports you into the character’s everyday stories, where everyone has a dark side. The desire to follow them further is strong even after the solution to the murder mystery. The story also takes us into the life of the beggers, as we follow them in their hardships in their home countries. These people are ‘invisible’ to us. But they see us. For Eve in the story, this becomes crucial.”
Trønder-Avisa /Norway

“Dramatic, exciting, small scale and huge horizons at the same time. And the language. Alterdal is amazing, over and out!”
Västerbottens Folkblad /Sweden

“Tove Alsterdal is among the country’s absolute elite of crime writers. Maybe she is the very best. Once again, she has managed to create a page-turner, this time with a slightly higher thriller pace than before. Characters and environments are so well portrayed that the reader will have an exciting journey. Fasten your seat belt and READ !!”
Nisse Schermann /Sweden’s “Mr Crime critic”

“She tells the story of beggars, as they are today’s silent observers. A cleverly designed and exceptionally believable plot.”
Dagens Nyheter /Sweden

“Do Not Turn Around is another splendid suspense novel from Tove Alsterdal. It is her fourth novel and probably the most nail-biting and scary of them all. It becomes frightening up to date with the migration situation and beggars on the streets. As always in Tove Alsterdal’s books there is a dose of politics and history, and past is woven together with present, but most of all, it is a page turner which keeps the reader on the edge from the first to the last page.”, blog /Sweden

“Tove Alsterdal has done it again. An extremely well-written crime novel. Alsterdal is a favorite.”
Skaraborgs Allehanda /Sweden

“Common for the captivating novels by Tove Alsterdal is that the violence in the stories is often found in people’s minds. And second, many of her literary characters longs and seeks affection.”
Västerbottenskuriren /Sweden

“Alsterdal remains a talented and wayward solitaire in the genre.”
Skånska Dagbladet /Sweden

“Breathtaking thriller.”
Ölandsblandet /Sweden

“Unlike many other authors, who seem to print political opinions rather bluntly, she manages to portray without preaching. She throws light on social issues from different angels and shows full confidence in the reader. Tove Alsterdal impresses with a crime novel which in every way feels complete. She is an enviable accomplished writer, andDo Not Turn Around, gets full score.”
Norrländska Socialdemokraten /Sweden

“Tove Alsterdal impresses as a crime novelist with her wariness about facts and violence. The careful handling with the empirical facts ensures the credibility and the trustworthiness. It’s also liberating with a detective story that lacks the massive over violence or sadistic revenge engines. Alsterdal maintains her humanistic calmness.”
Norrbottenskuriren / Sweden