(De mörkermärkta)

Mattias Leivinger & Johannes Pinter

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A series of murders take place in Stockholm, and at first they do not seem to have any connection. Detective Iris Riverdal gets right into the action when she answers a call about domestic violence. In the apartment she finds a dead woman and a strange killer who somehow hypnotizes her and disappears from the crime scene.

More dead bodies surface, Iris and her colleagues are puzzled and disturbed by the horrifying murders which seem to have occult signatures. Alongside the police investigation, a number of human destinies unravel – people gifted with strange abilities that are all linked to a dim past. They are stained by darkness.

The deeper Iris is pulled into the cases, the more she perceives that there is a supernatural dimension overshadowing everyday Swedish life. Moreover, this dimension is clearly bonded with her own life. Iris realizes that the darkness that has always been a secret part of herself has frightening abilities that are about to waken.

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Czech Republic: Knihy Dobrovský/Omega
Germany: Arctis
Sweden: Piratförlaget


“Fantastic! Top notch storytelling!”
Anna Jansson, crime author


“For anyone that likes mystery, suspense and sudden death.”
Aftonbladet / Sweden

Stained by Darkness is thrilling and there is a good drive in the story. There is also psychological credibility in many of the characters that makes you accept the supernatural elements … Stained by Darkness is Leivinger and Pinter’s first book together, a promising joint debut which predicts the successful collaboration to continue.”
Borås Tidning / Sweden

“In Stained by Darkness crime, horror and supernatural elements meets in one book, and the result is not at all bad. Leivinger and Pinter interweave a very thrilling story.”
Östgöta Correspondenten / Sweden

“Occult page-turner”
M-magasin / Sweden

“I really like the mix of crime novel and supernatural, the police novel and horror. The book feels contemporary and innovative, and I will of course read the two forthcoming books in the planned series.”
Bims blog / Sweden

“An original and different detective novel where the supernatural elements are in focus … The book is well written and you can’t tell that it is actually two authors. The straightforward and explicit language goes well with the story as such. Tense atmosphere with raw undertones together with strong characters creates an exciting story.”
Midnattsord, blog / Sweden

“It is immensely exciting and when I had read half the book, it was impossible to let go of it, I had to continue to read to find out what would happen. I look forward to reading the next part in the series. I want to know more about what happened in the past and I want to know more about the inner darkness that affects certain people in the book. I am pleasantly surprised and impressed.”
Justnujusthar, blog / Sweden

“The super natural elements are skillfully woven into the detective story and forms an irresistible whole. The mystery of the past and the question about who the killer is and why his is doing what he is doing, becomes unbearably exciting and makes the book impossible to put down.”
Lacrimamens blog / Sweden

“A plot based on supernatural phenomenons. There is a special sence and feeling in the story that makes it difficult to let go of.”
Dagens Nyheter / Sweden

“The novel has stylish and appealing language, vivid descriptions and well-drawn characters. The plot is original and cleverly implemented. A very promising start of the trilogy.”
BTJ / Sweden