THE BEACH HOTEL (Strandhotellet)

Christina Olséni & Micke Hansen

A crime comedy about retirees young at heart and soul, unexpected deaths and the difficult art of finding and maintaining love.

Egon, 85 years old and single, experiences the most bewildering summer of his life. When Egon and his friends go on a trip in Ragnar’s new sail boat, things do not go according to plan. Onboard they find Gustav Sparre, the previous boat owner, dead. Without thinking on the possible consequences Egon and Ragnar decide to throw him over board, but unfortunately the body gets stuck in a rope. It is quite a commotion when the boat arrives back to shore with Gustav Sparre in tow. It turns out rather quickly out that he has not died a natural death, and the Skanör police force has gotten a complicated murder in their lap. When another murder occurs in the harbor shortly after the discovery of Gustav Sparre, the media immediately turn to the small idyllic seaside resort in the south.

While the pressure rises on the police, Egon decides to test online dating. Behind the signature A charmer from Skanör he throws himself head over heal, out in the enchanted world of online dating. It ends in total disaster.

The Beach Hotel is the fourth stand alone part in the crime comedy series Murders in Falsterbo, written by author duo Christina Olséni and Micke Hansen. Humor and easy-to-handle murder in idyllic small towns are their signum. Again, we meet the police Mårten and Lisa, at Skanör’s police station, the burned-out prosecutor Fredrik and his over energetic uncle Egon, as well as the rest of the group of retirees we met in The Beach Hut, The Bird Watcher and The Horseman.

366 pages


Sweden: Bokfabriken