THE BEACH HUT (Badhytten)

Christina Olséni & Micke Hansen

Early in the morning, before the official opening hours, you can play golf for free at Falsterbo Golf Course. The old friends Egon and Ragnar are not stingy, but why pay for something when you don’t need to? Together with the sisters Elisabeth and Märta they embark on a sneak round on a sunny summer morning. 

It looks like it’s going to be a fantastic day but the golf round is abruptly interrupted when the friends make a shocking discovery. In the bunker on hole two, they find the chairman of the golf club, Sven Silfverstolpe dead.

Great confusion erupts and Egon and Ragnar do what they can to conceal their involvement. They haul him into his golf car and drive to the clubhouse. But nothing goes as planned and instead they set off a sequence of events, impossible to stop. When the police begins to investigate the murder they discover immediately that the holiday paradise is crowded with people who have motives to kill the vain, influential and everything but charming Silfverstolpe. Money, love, and old secrets are in the way when the police try to bring order to the case. Facts and misunderstandings pile up this unusual summer under Falsterbo’s sunny skies.

The Beach Hut is a crime comedy filled with smartness and drama, suspense and humour. The book is the first instalment in the series Murders in Falsterbo, all about the colourful inhabitants of Falsterbo.

366 pages

Rights sold

Czech Republic: Omega
Italy: Bompiani
Norway: Kagge
Sweden: Pocketförlaget


“Broad and and wonderful gallery of characters – the four pensioners is something else, Fredrik is cranky and pitiful, policeman Mårten is naive and a bit silly . The only one who represents some sense is the police woman Lisa, but it doesn’t help much in the madness surrounding her. If anything can go wrong, we can be sure it will. Crime Comedy at its very best – hillarious and beautifully written. The kind of book one enjoys every page of. A gentle and warm story that brings summer feeling. Highly recommended! 6 out of 6.”
Den kriminelle bokverden/Norway

“The books present a wonderful combination of homemade pastries, golf club lunches, tweed jackets and murders. All in a bizarre mix with romance. Most quirky is the police, at least one of them, and most adorable are the two unofficial protagonists Egns and Ragnar, both aged 83 years. You become fond of the cute personal gallery, and while reading, you start longing for a glass of champagne in the midday sun.”

“There is a great shortage of books in this genre, which combines cosy crime á la Agatha Christie, with humor.”
Smålandsposten / Sweden

“One gets warm in the heart. A beautiful book.”
Swedish Radio (SR) / Sweden

“A book with a perfect mix of death and crazyness.”

The Beach Hut is a perfect book for relaxation with a lovely summer environment, a detective mystery, a lot of humor, many different personalities and even some romance.”
BTJ / Sweden

“Despite the really screwed up beginning where the whole plot builds up, it is a trustworthy story and fun in the middle of all the he absurdity and macabre. Perfect for reading on the beach, perhaps in Falsterbo.”
Skånska Dagbladet / Sweden

“The book is a genuine who-dun-it and a very promising debut. I devoured the book from cover to cover and did not really want it to end. But as I hadn’t managed to figure out who the killer was until the end I had to stretch read it. The characters are absolutely gorgeous and I had a smile on my face while reading.”
Cattis Bokblog / Sweden