THE BIRD WATCHER (Fågelskådaren)

Christina Olséni & Micke Hansen

Birds and bird watchers seem harmless, but beware the problems and conflicts they can cause.

It is September and quiet at Skanör’s police station when a wealthy bird watcher is found dead on the moor. Shortly thereafter another murder occurs and all of a sudden the police are busy trying to sort out all the tangled clues to solve the cases. The small community is reeling.

Bird Bingo, clay pigeon shooting, a Danish nudist, budding romance and hyperactive seniors are just some of the things we’ll experience during two crazy weeks in Falsterbo. Like in The Beach Hut the policemen Mårten and Lisa, along with the prosecutor Fredrik try to bring order out of chaos, while the old friends Egon and Ragnar and the others in the Falsterbo gang seem to be programmed to mess things up in every possible way.

The Bird Watcher is the second book in the series Murders in Falsterbo, all about the colourful inhabitants of Falsterbo.

348 pages

Rights sold

Czech Republic: Omega
Italy: Bompiani
Sweden: Massolit


“Who would have expected two murders in the circuit of dedicated bird watchers, all aged 80 plus. The Bird Watcher is a classic cosy crime novel where the crimes are actually the least interesting. It is the delightfully twisted personal gallery and the idyllic Skåne environment that is the greatest benefit of this continuously stress free and funny story, where an unimaginable amount of cakes, buns and cake are consumed. And the tourist bureau could not have come up with better advertising for Skanör Falsterbo!”
Expressen / Sweden

The Birdwatcher is entertaining and well written with humor and warmth. It’s easy to read and yet super suspenseful. I really do want to know who the murderer is. Olséni & Hansen leaves one or two threads hanging, like what will happen on the love front, and how will Marten’s relationship to the County Police Bylund develop? These loose ends make me long for the next book in the series. And when I find myself googling on birds, then I know they really got med hooked.”
Erika’s book talk / Sweden

“A twisted cosy crime in a great environment and with a warm humor.”
Hallands Nyheter / Sweden

“A dose of twisted humor and a very cozy story.”
Norrköpings Tidningar / Sweden

“The story has a bundle of tangled clues and is written in the best Agatha Christie style.”
Sveriges Radio P4 / Sweden

“Plenty of humor and easygoing handeling of the murders in a well-written story. It will attract many, and especially the readers who love Catharina Ingelman-Sundberg’s The Little Old Lady.”
Smålandsposten / Sweden

“It feels as if Olséni & Hansen are inspired by two of the giants from the 1900, the queen of mystery Agatha Christie and her colleague P. G. Wodehouse. And they have found the equivalent in the cosy atmosphere in the idyllic coastal village of Falsterbo. For the reader, it’s just to lean back in the reading chair and enjoy. The police characteristics have the right touch and the story turns out to be just as funny as it is supposed to. The authors utilize their absolute right to depicture the society and the Falsterbo peninsula, of which they have great knowledge, as they both live here themselves.”
Ölandsbladet / Sweden