Christina Olséni & Micke Hansen

Charming twisted police novel in the beautiful environment of Falsterbonäset.

It is time for Falsterbo Horse Show, the biggest highlight of the Swedish equestrian sport and one of the most prestigious dressage and jumping events in the world. Nation flags are swaying in the summer breeze, the sun is high in the sky and the stands are packed. The smell of success if obvious. To the mayor’s undisguised joy, two of the riders in the top class are competing for the final Olympic slot in the national team.

The given winner Leopold Gyllenstierna rides in and greets the cheering audience, but already after the third hurdle he falls down dead. It turns out he did not die a natural death and Skanör’s policemen throw themselves with mixed enthusiasm into the murder investigation. When another murder occurs shortly after, the summer vacation suddenly feels very distant to the hard working law enforcement.

While the police is struggling, Egon’s life is darkened by the fact that his nearest neighbor and antagonist, Elisabeth, have invited her teenage sweetheart François from Paris. The life at Kärleksstigen (Love path road) is disturbed and Egon instinctively loathe the French dandy and feels more alone than ever.

The Horseman is the third stand alone part in the feel good crime series Murders in Falsterbo. Lighthearted handled murders in the idyllic small town environment is the hallmark. Again we meet the police officers Marten and Lisa, the over worked prosecutor Frederick and his energetic Uncle Egon 84 years, and of course the rest of the colorful gang we met in The Beach Hut and The Birdwatcher.

409 pages

Rights sold

Czech Republic: Omega
Sweden: Massolit


“With great humor, the authors lead the reader through the beautiful summer village in the quest for the killer. The crimewriters Olséni & Hansen succeed in overcoming all the obstacles on the mystery road without ever compromising with the details or language.”
Ölandsbladet / Sweden

“Easily digestible entertainment, a moment of relaxation and insight into the fancy world of noble wealthy people and their secrets.”
BTJ / Sweden