Are you an author and about to choose literary agent? Read this first.


To be a featured author at an independent literary and film agency of good reputation is not just a signal that your authorship has high quality. It has far more benefits than that.


It's about your control …

  • With an independent literary agent you are assured that your contract conditions are good, both legally and financially. This is as important on the domestic market, the base of your authorship, as on the international market. An independent agent runs your errands. End of story.


  • An independent agency works on commission of the author, unlike the foreign rights departments at a publishing house. This guarantees that your rights can never be locked or sold without you making the decision. With an independent agent you have complete control over your rights on the domestic as well as the foreign market.


  • An independent agent is not part of any publishing or media group and therefore has no owner loyalties with publishing houses in other countries. The recommendations you get from an independent agent are based on an overall picture of the market and your individual interests.


  • An independent agent can find the best publisher for you in various genres. If you plan to write books in different genres you might need a relation with more than one publishing house. An independent agent can guide you and make sure the different releases don’t interfere with each other.


… your money

  • A good and independent agent has relations with many publishing houses and film companies on different markets. The agent knows the right price in tune with the market for different types of rights, and for the position of your authorship. An independent agent, who can count and negotiate, quickly pays off.


  • With an independent agent you don’t have to deal with boring and time consuming administration. The agent negotiates for you and makes sure your advances and royalties are paid according to contract. The agent knows accounting, tax regulations in different countries and do not hesitate to enforce payment if needed.


  • There is a direct connection between an independent agency’s revenues and its selling skills. When your rights sell well, the agency is doing well. Therefore the independent agency runs a little extra.


  • An independent agency has lower expenses than a publishing house foreign rights department and works solely with matters regarding the authors of the agency. Thus it is cheaper to buy services from an independent agent.


… and your reputation

  • Your agent is the voice that represents you and your authorship in a number of situations. Choose an agent who has ability and credibility to speak for you, your authorship and your image in the best way possible.


  • A good independent agent has a broad network on the domestic market and can help you find new projects to participate in. That may increase your circle of readers and has an impact on how the world regards you.  It could be anthologies, short stories, advertising jobs or other assignments that will have effect on your profile.


  • With the right agent you can discuss not only your texts but also how to develop your authorship. In what areas would you like to develop? What are your goals? Do you need to discuss a new action program, new projects? Even if the dialogue is open, there is absolute confidentiality.


  • What context do you want to be part of? Base your choice of agent on a combination of facts and gut feeling. Choose an agent that offers good conditions and who you feel personal trust for. Finally, ask yourself the most important question of all – would you like to buy anything from the agent you are about to choose?


Make your choice!

Grand Agency is a leading independent literary and film agency. We work strategically, with an open dialogue and with high business ethics. You are very welcome to have a dialogue with us when choosing literary agent.


Good luck!