Congratulations Siri Pettersen for shortlisting to ARK's children's book award.


Siri Pettersen’s upcoming book BOBLA is nominated for ARK's children's book award.


ARK's children's book prize is a literary award for the year's best children's book. The jury consists of 10,000 fifth, sixth and seventh graders from all over Norway. With, the child readers, the ARK's children's book award is an important and prestigious award for the authors. The jury consists only of children, making it more valuable to receive the prize, which all previous winners agree on.


Good Luck, Siri!



A warm welcome to Grand Agency, CWA International Dagger Award shortlisted, Andreas Norman.

Andreas Norman writes thrillers where the personal intrigues between the characters are equally important with the bigger international events that create the tension of the stories.



Jenny Jägerfeld's wonderful and praised novel TOP BRO! is made into radio drama. Tune in and listen to this strong, norm breaking and beautiful story (in Swedish).



Tove Alsterdal's is shortlisted for Balai d'Or in France. It’s the great thriller DANS LE SILENCE ENTERRÉ (Grave Of Silence) that is now competing for the prestigious prize. Fingers crossed for the jury decision in September.



Maria Fröhlich receives 2017’s cultural scholarship award, of 40,000 SEK, by the city of Stockholm! She receives the scholarshipo in the category visual arts.


The jury motivation:

"Multifaceted and with brilliant detail, reality, imagination and politics are drawn in a world attracting both children and adults. Masterly as well as playfully, she portrays angry crocodiles in the bedroom which scare, while attract to reading as well as showing many actual and imaginary layers. Maria Fröhlich is bold and renews the children's book tradition. "


Maria Fröhlich has (among other things) illustrated the picture books, TIME FOR EACH OTHER and LET’S PLAY, with texts by Sara Bergmark Elfgren.


Congratulations, Maria!



Congratulations Pontus Ljunghill!


We are proud to announce that THE LAMPLIGHTER by Pontus Ljunghill has been shortlisted to the Book of the Year Award 2017, presented by Bonnier Book Clubs. The winner will be announced during the Gothenburg Book Fair on September 29th, 2017.


THE LAMPLIGHTER is an historical detective novel with a mix of suspense and melancholic tone that has all the classic detective novel ingredients.


Shortlist motivation:

Moving crime novel set in Stockholm during the 1920's

Inspector John Stierna investigates the murder of young Miss Julia Ekegren, who was found dead in her apartment. The work of the police thorough investigation in a vanished Stockholm is told with great insight and in a pleasant pace. Brilliant portraits of the city and its residents.


Click here to vote for THE LAMPLIGHTER



Congratulations Mats Strandberg and Sofia Falkenhem for the shortlisting to Crime Time Specsavers Award!
The Crimetime Specsavers Award’s purpose is to spread the excitement of reading crime and suspense fiction, and to make it possible for more readers find the growing Swedish as well as the international genre of crime fiction.
Click in and cast your vote for the great trilogy about Frank the Monster in the category “Children detective novel of the year” (Årets Barndeckare)!



In Sweden TOP BRO! by Jenny Jägerfeld​ does not only have a dedicated publisher, fantastic reviews and a large reading group who loves the book. The Stockholm City Library have decided to acquire enough books so that they can give to all fourth-grade classes in the Stockholm urban area. They will also provide a tutoring material, with the idea that the teachers and students shall continue to work with the book after having it as an read-aloud book in class.

We are happy The Stockholm City Libraries have understood the great importance of this book!



Press news pre LBF from Grand Agency.

Ten (at least) international deals and WER for debutant Elisabeth Norebäck pre London Book Fair.

Read the full press release here ..



Congratulations Jonas Moström. Winner of Best-suspense-of-the-year!


It is our great pleasure to announce that Jonas Moström has been awarded STORA LJUDBOKSPRISET (The Swedish Audio Award), for best crime of the year with his third instalment in Nathalie Svensson-series – MIDNIGHT GIRLS (Midnattsflickor).



A warm welcome to Grand Agency, Elisabeth Norebäck. Elisabeth Norebäck’s first novel, the psychological thriller IN MY BLOOD will be released at Polaris Förlag in the fall of 2017 and short thereafter at Politiken in Denmark. Strong domestic noir at its’ best. More info to come.



Grand authors Jonas Moström’s MIDNIGHT GIRLS and Siri Pettersen’s THE MIGHT are finalists in The Great Swedish Audio Award in the categories Crime/Suspense and YA.


Good Luck! We’ll keep our fingers crossed at the Gala night, March 6th.



Congratulations Siri Pettersen!

ODIN'S CHILD is nominated for best fantasy in Poland's Book of the Year Award. More than 100 000 people voted last year and ODIN'S CHILD made the nomination cut for final voting.


Very luckily timed, with the Polish edition of THE MIGHT this week by Rebis Publishing.

Good Luck Siri!



Grand Agency expands and buys Stockholm Noir Agency. We are also happy to announce that Jenni Brunn, former agent at Stockholm Noir Agency, is now a member of the Grand Agency team.



Congratulations Cilla & Rolf Börjlind.

With only a few weeks on the market Sleep Little Willow is placed #3 on the nattional sales toplist, published by Svensk Bokhandel (Swedish Bookmarket).



Congratulations Sara B. Elfgren and the crew around VOICES OF THE DEAD to the shortlisting to Prix Europa!


In the thriller pod created for Swedish Radio, Grand Agency author Sara B. Elfgren was the showrunner, writing the first and last episodes. Among others involved in the work we also find Grand Agency authors Erika Stark and Johan Ehn.


VOICES OF THE DEAD is competing in the category “Radio Fiction” and the winner will be announced during the Prix Europa Festival in Berlin October 15th – 21st.


At Grand Agency we’ll keep our fingers crossed!



Peter Barlach, welcome to Grand Agency.

Peter Barlach has released two feelgood novels with Lind & Co, How to be Carolineand The Key to Caroline. The books are warm and twisted stories with romance, humor and excitement in a perfect mix. Characters who grow and develop, is important for Peter Barlach who's aim is to entertain his readers with the motto: "Deep and yet not heavy. Light but still not shallow."


Writing film and theatre scripts, books for teens, and directing movie are among the work Peter Barlach has done during the most previous years.



Welcome to Grand Agency, Markus Lutteman.

Journalist Markus Lutteman debuted as an author with El Choco (2007) about Jonas Andersson who was imprisoned in Bolivia. After that followed a number of biographies, among others one about high jumper Patrik Sjöberg. Together with Mons Kallentoft he has created the series about crime detective Zach Herry and now he is taking on thriller novels, but without a co-writer this time. Starting with Blood Moon, to be published at Bookmark Förlag in September.



Havmannprisen to Siri Petterson! Congratulations!


The Might has won “Havmannprisen” for best Northern Norwegian book published in 2015. The price is NOK 50 000, and is presented by Rana Library in cooperation with Helgeland Sparebank.


The jury:

"THE MIGHT discusses identity and culture differences in a new way, and is a valuable contribution to the discussions that we are surrounded by daily, in the public rooms we move, nationally and locally. The fact that the book primarily is aimed at young people, without exhortations and bombastic solutions, feels especially right and proper. Pettersen has a lovely language that manages to leave scents, flavors and a wealth of emotions and images. "


Congratulations Siri!



Mattias Leivinger and Johannes Pinter – welcome to Grand Agency.

When therapist and writer Mattias Leivinger first met horror writer and producer Johannes Pinter, they knew right away they wanted to write something together. Stained by Darkness, the first novel, will be published at Piratförlaget. A dark, elevated thriller with hard-hitting action and violent elements. More info will come shortly.



We are happy to welcome Johan Ehn to Grand Agency!

Actor, theater script writer and producer Johan Ehn is warmly welcomed to Grand Agency. Johan is active in Teater Barbara where he works as an artistic director and actor. Johan Ehns first book, the YA novel A Year Of Manic Thinking, is in the making and will launch in 2017 at Gilla Böcker. More information shortly.



A warm welcome to Grand Agency, Erika Stark.

Film producer and script writer Erika Stark is a new addition to Grand Agency’s list of skilled writers. Erika is currently working on a YA novel planned for launching in 2017. She is one of five writers to the thriller pod Voices of the Dead (De dödas röster) premiering onSwedish Radio this summer. More information will come shortly.



Congratulations Siri Pettersen! 
The literary prizes are more or less raining over Siri Pettersen and on Saturday she recieved the prestigeous Sørlandets litteraturpris for EVNA (The Might), the third book in her praised and best selling fantasy trilogy The Raven Rings.


from the jury's motivation:
"Siri Pettersen has created an impressive fantasy universe. Not least, the heroine Hirka will live for a long time for her Norwegian readers. Pettersen writes for youth, but there is little doubt that these books will lift the fantasy genre out of the nerd rooms into the broad market for grown up readers. EVNA is a masterful conclusion to a story and a universe that carries the genre's characteristics but which also brings up fundamental issues in our society such as being different from others, exclusion, identity and class distinction. The readers can get fascinated by the fantasy genre's opportunities and enjoy a language and a form of dialogue that is rock solid."



A warm welcome to Grand Agency, Christina Olséni and Micke Hansen.


Crime stories in combination with a big portion of humour, that’s the trade mark of Christina Olséni and Micke Hansen. Their first book THE BEACH HUT is just out in paper back at Pocketförlaget and in May Massolit publish THE BIRD WATCHER, the second title in the series where gruesome murders are committed under the sunny skies in the picturesque paradise Falsterbo. More information will follow.



Congratulations Siri Pettersen, shortlisted for Star Fantasy Award in Finland. Once again, ODIN’S CHILD has been nominated for a literary price for best translated novel. So far an award has come along on every market where ODIN’S CHILD has launched. Grand Agency like the trend!



Catharina Ingelman-Sundberg gets Forum’s Golden Book. The prize, a Golden version of the author’s book, is handed out to the few Forum writers who’s book has sold over 100000 copies in a year. LÅNA ÄR SILVER, RÅNA ÄR GULD (The Little Old Lady Struck Lucky Again) did not only do that, it sold over 150000 copies in the past year. A very worthy and surprised Catharina received the prize from the hands of the Editorial Director Adam Dahlin when she was at the publishing house to talk in front of the sales people about her new book. Sparkling congratulations from Grand Agency.



Once again Siri Pettersen! A title from THE RAVEN RINGS TRILOGY is shortlisted to a Norwegian award when it is announced today that THE MIGHT has made it to the shortlist for the "Uprisen, YA novel of the year", by Association Read!.


Siri about the nomination:
- I like this. This is the youth’s award, where only young readers have voted. I hadn’t expected this for one of my books, since it is largely standalone books on the list. And action and suspense is usually characteristics. Therefor it is super nice!



The six girls in THE CIRCLE are listed #3 on the "Top 10 feminist heroes in fiction" list. Congratulations authors Mats Strandberg and Sara B. Elfgren. A listing to be proud of!

http:// childrens-books-site/2016/ jan/14/ top-10-feminist-heroes-in-f iction



Emelie Schepp’s MARKED FOR LIFE is 2015’s most sold audiobook in Sweden. When Svensk Bokhandel (Swedish Book Market) presented the list of 2015 most sold audiobooks this week, MARKED FOR LIFE is number one. The book is Emelie Schepp’s crime novel debute which has sold over 130 000 copies in Sweden and is sold to 25 countries.


The sequel, WHITE TRACKS, is one of five crime novels shortlisted to The Big Audiobook Award 2015. The winner will be announced in March 2016.



Congratulations again Siri Pettersen. Your second hat trick!


THE MIGHT is shortlisted to the Norwegian Book Blogger Award (Bokbloggerprisen)! And so was ODIN’S CHILD and THE ROT the two first titles in THE RAVEN RINGS TRILOGY. The other part of the hat tricks is the triple shortlisting to the Norwegian Bookseller’s Prize last autumn.


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