News archive 2009



The agency is very pleased to welcome a both skilled and experienced debutant - Tove Alsterdal.


She recently debuted as a novelist with the international thriller The Women On The Beach (Kvinnorna på stranden, Lind & Co). The book is about a woman’s intense struggle to find her missing husband. The search leads her right into modern slave trade. The book has received tremendously good reviews which praise the language as well as the characters and the breathtaking action.


Tove Alsterdal knows her craftsmanship. She has worked as a journalist, novel dramaturgist and script writer for 25 years. Besides The Women On The Beach another recent project is the successful feel good movie So Different (Så olika) that Tove Alsterdal has written together with the actor and director Helena Bergström. More information within shortly.



Maria Ernestam’s Buster’s Ears was recently released in Taiwan. After a couple of weeks it´s now number ten on the top list. The first print run sold out immediately and the publishing house Sun Color was quick to reprint.



Today we congratulate Cilla Naumann! Her youth novel Bullets in the Heart is nominated to the prestigious August prize in the category “Swedish children and youth book of the year”. The winner will be announced at the August Gala, November 23.



Inger Frimansson’s The Stronger (De starkare) won the prize Spårhunden, Best Youth Detective Novel of the Year. An arrangement by the Swedish Crime Writer Academy (Svenska Deckarakademin). Congratulations!



Inger Frimansson’s The Stronger (De starkare), has been nominated for Spårhunden, Best Youth Detective Novel of the Year. Congratulations!

Spårhunden was founded by the magazine Jury in 2002 and is today arranged by the Swedish Crime Writer Academy. The winner will be appointed at the Detective Scene at Bok&Bibliotek, Saturday 26th of September 2009.



Christine Falkenland will participate at the culture and literature festival Impressions d´Europé, Recontres littéraires Nordiques, in Nantes 6-8 November. The theme of the year, at this highly respected festival, is Nordic Literature. Christine Falkenland participates under the topic Portraits des femmes (Women’s portraits). During the three day festival there will be a number of meetings between authors as well as film showings and debates.



After the holidays we’re proud to summarize that Anna Janssons Not Until the Giver is Dead (Först när givaren är död) and Kajsa Ingemarssons Simply Water (Bara vanligt vatten) achieved several good placings at the magazine Svensk Bokhandel’s monthly top lists during the summer. Congratulations!



Today Katerina Janouch is hosting the popular radioshow “Summer”  in Swedish Public Service Radio, P1. The programme will be available for streaming on the chanel’s web site for 30 days.  



The successful screen adaption of Anna Jansson’s crime novels about Detective Inspector Maria Wern continues. During the autumn WEproduction, in cooperation with Eyeworks, will shoot two more of Anna Janssons titles, The Speechless God (Stum sitter guden) and All the Tranquil Dead (Alla de stillsamma döda). In Sweden the tv-series will be broadcasted on TV4 starting 2010.



A warm welcome to the agency’s first Danish author - Inger Wolf.

Inger Wolf worked many years as a translator before she started writing crime novels. Her first novel, A Dark End of Summer (Sort sensommer) won the Danish Detective Academy’s award for the most exciting debut novel in 2006. This coming autumn the third book in the series about superintendent Daniel Trokic and IT-specialist Lisa Kornelius will be released. More information within shortly.



The film company eyefeed has signed an option agreement regarding the film rights for Eva Sanners Free Fall (Fritt fall). The book will be released in august.



Today we give Christine Falkenland and Henrik Lange a warm welcome to Grand Agency.


Christine Falkenland is a prize winning author that writes charged and totally absorbing novels. Henrik Lange is an illustrator, cartoonist and graphic novelist with a great sense of humour. More information within shortly.



A Grand welcome to yet another prominent author – Birgitta Stenberg.

Birgitta Stenberg is an award-winning author that has written books for more than 50 years. And she has several exciting projects on the way. More information about her authorship will be presented within shortly.



We are proud and happy to welcome one of Sweden’s most loved and appreciated authors to Grand Agency – Viveca Lärn!


Viveca Lärn has written a great number of books for adults as well as children. She is probably best known for her cherished Saltön series that also became a popular tv-series. More information about Viveca Lärn will be presented within shortly.



"Absolute top class". Good reviews from the danish newspaper Politiken after the first episode of the tv-series based on Anna Jansson’s Strange Bird (Främmande fågel).



Congratulations to nine of Grand Agency’s authors who were all awarded prices at the Swedish Paperback Award Gala (Pocketparty), Monday March 9. The annual award ceremony is held by the Swedish publisher’s organization (Svenska Förläggareföreningen) and is presented in three values.


Platinum paperback (over 100 00 copies sold)

  • Kajsa Ingemarsson – Wheel of Fortune, (Lyckans hjul) novel, Månpocket
  • Markus Lutteman – El Choco (El Choco) true story, Månpocket


Gold paperback (over 50 00 copies sold)

  • Katerina Janouch – Summer Child (Sommarbarn) novel, Pocketförlaget
  • Anna Jansson – Boy Missing (Pojke försvunnen) crime novel, Månpocket
  • Jenny Leeb – Stella and Sebastian (Stella och Sebastian) novel, Pocketförlaget
  • Karin Wahlberg – The Comforter (Tröstaren) crime novel, Månpocket


Silver paperback (over 30 00 copies sold)



A Grand paperback top list in Sweden for week # 10! Number one: Always with You (Alltid hos dig) by Maria Ernestam. Number two: The Art of Reading Minds (Konsten att läsa tankar) by Henrik Fexeus.




Underverk Productions has signed an option agreement regarding the film rights for Catharina Ingelman-Sundbergs Stigmatized (Brännmärkt).