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A warm welcome to Elisabeth Åsbrink as a new author at Grand Agency.


Elisabeth Åsbrink most recent boks are The Darker Side of Hate (Smärtpunkten) from 2009, about one of the most debated theatre projects in Swedish history and about the brutal police murders in Malexander, and 2010 with Ink (Bläck), a book about tattoos, about the people who decorate their bodies and about our time.


We look forward working with Elisabeth and will present more information within shortly.



Carl XVI Gustaf – The Reluctant King number one on the top list.


When Lind & Co released Carl XVI Gustaf – The Reluctant King in early November it instantly became a media buzz and the main topic in public conversations. Swedish and international press has taken a huge interest and the billboards with news in the aftermaths of the book never seem to stop. After four weeks the book has sold over 60 000 copies in Sweden and marched right to number one on the top list for nonfiction at the magazine Svensk Bokhandel. The Reluctant King is the fastest selling book since the first Harry Potter title.



More movies based on Anna Jansson’s successful books about Maria Wern are on the way. The first one to be aired is The Speechless God.


WEproduction produced Strange Bird, which aired on Swedish television in 2008, and has since then merged with Eyeworks. Now they make movies of another seven of Anna Jansson’s eleven titles in the series. The Speechless God and All the Tranquil Dead are already finished and will run as a TV series starting November 24th in Swedish TV4. Thereafter May Death Sleep, Dreams from Snow, Black Butterfly, and Boy Missing will be produced. Not Even the Past will be produced for the movie theatres – a drama with Agatha Christie vibes which mostly takes place on Gotska Sandön, an island off from Gotland in the Baltic Sea. All the new movies are sold to Norway, Denmark and Finland.



Congratulations Bob Hansson who received two awards during Bok&Bibliotek.


Bob Hansson won the Swedish Public Service Radio Short Story Prize 2010 for his short story To Mother. Out of five nominees the listeners have elected Bob Hansson for this prestigious prize.


The nomination jury:

To Mother is a letter short story which breaks the boundaries and to what is considered appropriate. The son wirtes letters to his mother from his hippie life in India. He is filled with Tantric love, but still affected by something that he can’t get off his mind, and that he has to ask his mother about.”


Bob Hansson also got the prize Hero of Protection of Intellectual Property Rights which is handed out for the ninth time by the nonprofit organization ALIS (Administration of Literary Rights in Sweden). This courageous prize goes to a person and his achievements for the defense and strengthening of copyright issues.


"Bob Hansson is awarded for his upright commitment for the right to his own work. In times when publishers try to acquire more publishing rights, yet without wanting to pay more for them, Bob Hansson has shown courage when he changed publishing house and in public defended authors’ right to be able to live off their work and to be published in contexts the author him or herself has chosen or approved. This year’s prize winner has through his commitment and clear positioning for these rights led the way for all authors in the country."



Congratulations to the five Grand authors who received this year’s paperback prizes.


The Swedish Paperback Award prize ceremony was held Friday September 24 during Bok&Bibliotek in Gothenburg.


The prize has two levels, platinum for paperback books that have sold over 100000 copies and gold for paperback books sold in over 50000 copies. The sales period is between January 1st 2009 and August 31st 2010.


The Grand authors who received the prize are:


Platinum paper back (over 100000 copies)

Anna Jansson – Not Even The Past/Inte ens det förflutna

Henrik Fexeus – The Art of Reading Minds/Konsten att läsa tankar

Gold paper back (over 50000 copies)

Maria Ernestam – Always With You/Alltid hos dig

Henrik Fexeus – When You Do What I Want You To/När du gör som jag vill

Kajsa Ingemarsson – Simply Water/Bara vanligt vatten

Katerina Janouch – Betrayed/Bedragen

Anna Jansson – Not Until The giver is Dead/Först när givaren är död



Congratulations to Cilla Naumann who will receive the Nils Holgersson prize for her book Bullets In The Heart (Kulor i hjärtat).


The Jury: “With the stories in Bullet In The Heart Cilla Naumann guides us into the most secret place of a young boys heart. The intrigue is knife sharp. With a distinguished language she keeps the reader in a shivering and suspenseful grip on the very boarder of unpleasantness.”


The prize is handed out annually by The Swedish Library Association to the previous year’s best children’s- or teenage book. The ceremony will take place at the Book Fair in Gothenburg.



Grand Agency greets Elizabeth Gummesson with a warm welcome as new author on the agency.


Elizabeth Gummesson is one of Sweden’s most trusted lectures and works as a professional coach and with personal development. Her debut Good Enough was an instant success and was soon followed by The Jealousy ER. When media discusses personal development, relationships and health Elizabeth Gummesson is the given choice guest. She has her own column and writes for several Swedish magazines. More information will follow.



Lars Rambe’s crime novel Incub bianco (The Clue on the Pier/Spåren på bryggan) is number one on the best seller list by La Repubblica (one of the leading newspapers in Italy). The book was released to the Italian audience in the middle of July.



Today fabolous Birgitta Stenberg is hosting the popular radioshow “Summer” in Swedish Public Service Radio, P1. The program is also available for streaming on the chanel’s web site in another 30 days.



A grand welcome to Hans-Olov Öberg, new author on the agency.


Hans-Olov Öberg has written a number of detective stories. He’s currently working on a new exciting thriller series in three parts which covers three decades from the seventies to the nineties. More information will follow.



Varg Gyllander's Graffitimordene (Some Lines Break/Somliga linor brister) is number one at this weeks’ paperback top list in Denmark. (Source: Arnold Buscks, leading book seller chain in Denmark).



Today we are proud to reveal that the author behind pseudonym Amanda Lind is the well known literary author Johanna Nilsson. More info here.



New author: a grand welcome to Marianne Cedervall!


Marianne Cedervall writes thrilling and very entertaining novels. So far she has written two books, Swinebite (Svinhugg) and Black Winter (Svart vinter), that has been released by Natur & Kultur. More information within shortly.



Bob Hansson will participate in the quality literature festival CPH:LITT which is held in Copenhagen in Denmark May 5-8. Bob’s debut novel Gunnar will be released by Elg & Co in Denmark just in time for the festival. Other hot names on the festival are Erlend Loe, Sophie van der Stap, Stefan Merrill Block and Carsten Jensen. To view the full program, go to:



Grand Agency welcomes Amanda Lind! Amanda Lind is a pseudonym for a well recognized literary Swedish author, who now wants to take a new step in her authorship.


The first book in a planned series about a female mafia boss in Stockholm, The Gospel According to Francy (Francys evangelium), will be released in May by Damm Förlag. It's like a well shaken mix of Tarantino and Sopranos. Don't miss is!



Grand Agency defies the volcano and goes to the London Book Fair.


If you are a publisher and want to confirm/cancel/reschedule a meeting please contact We look forward to a different fair.


Let´s spread the Word!



Two good news about Karin Wahlberg. Her latest crime success The Death of Carpet Dealer Olsson (Matthandlare Olssons död) is now on the magazine Svensk Bokhandel’s top list for the third month in a row.


In addition to that, an interactive crime novel by her (The Pier/Bryggan) is launched all over Sweden in a big campaign organized by the search company



Fischer Taschenbuch Verlag recently launched The Wheel of Fortune by Kajsa Ingemarsson in Germany. The book has climbed the national top list rapidly and is currently at place number 12.


Update: The following week Kajsa Ingemarsson reached the top ten list and place # 9. And the next week # 6... Congratulations!



Mats Strandberg's Half Lives (Halva liv) won the prize The Book of the Year at GayGalan 2010 in Stockholm. The gala is arranged every year by the QX Magazine. Congratulations, Mats!