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Grand News # April, 2011


Grand Agency presents news from Scandinavia


Henrik Fexeus – The Art of Gaining Mental Superpowers (Forum)

Henrik Fexeus has sold more than 350000 books in Sweden. His successful books about communication are sold to more than 15 countries. This time he turns inwards.The Art of Gaining Mental Super Powersis a practical, funny and eye opening hand book, with an explicit promise: everybody can trim his or her brain and optimize their unused mental capacity and thereby obtain a richer life. With the same intelligence, sharpness and well defined expressions as before, Henrik Fexeus guides the reader through different areas and methods within both self help and psychology. The reader is taught how to make better decisions, train his or her brain, how to read quicker, control stress and nervousness, how to find harmony and happiness, and how to kick start his or her creativity. Read more about The Art of Gaining Mental Super Powers here...


Eva Sanner – Love. Change, Improve and Extend Your Relationship (Bonnier Fakta)

How to create love in your everyday life! Relationship counselor Eva Sanner has written a handbook with her Love. Change, Improve, and Extend Your Relationship. She describes that despite the fact that we sometimes strive to find the perfect partner, the truth is that there is no such thing as a perfect partner. On the contrary, it is about becoming the perfect partner, to learn more about what a relationship needs to work and what one can do oneself to affect your own situation. We will reach so much longer when we can say what we think at what we need without triggering each other’s defense mechanisms. The principle is the same by the kitchen table as it is with conflict resolutions between nations – both parts need to be listened to and respected, not until then can one come to a solution both parts can accept. Read more about Eva Sanner’s new book here…


Håkan Östlundh – The Intruder (Forum)

The wait is over. The fifth part in Håkan Östlundh’s crime series is here. The Intruder is an unusually thrilling and scary story about betrayal and dark secrets in which we for the fifth time meet the Gotlandic policeman Fredrik Broman. As always, Håkan Östlundh combines high literary quality with high end suspense and accurate personal portrays. Family photos with eyes punched out. Scary letters without a sender’s name. Fredrik Broman and his colleagues take the threats very seriously, but can still not rule out that it is all a tasteless joke. But the threats escalate and a child disappears. This is for real, and it is only the beginning. Read more about  The Intruder here…


Recent international releases

Denmark: Tove Alsterdal – Women on the Beach

Denmark: Åsa Lantz – Whatever Happened to That Sweet Litte Girl

France: Maria Ernestam – Always With You

France: Inger Frimansson – The Shadow in the Water

Germany: Thomas Sjöberg – Carl XVI Gustaf. The Reluctant King

Italy: Kajsa Ingemarsson – Yesterday’s News

Norway: Tove Alsterdal – Women on the Beach

Norway: Maria Ernestam – Always With You

Russia: Inger Frimansson – Good Night, My Darling

Russia: Katerina Janouch – Drugs, Lies and Alcohol – The True Story of an Alcoholic’s Wife

Russia: Katerina Janouch – The Orgasm Book

Russia: Åsa Lantz – Whatever Happened to That Sweet Litte Girl    

Spain: Kajsa Ingemarsson – Simply Water         


Words from the Agent


This year everything will be different. We will not have to drive for 27 hours. We will not have to pass 7 countries and we will not need to change side of the road for the last two hours of driving. We will just very calmly seat ourselves on the airplane and arrive at London Book Fair in a couple of hours. But hey,  it was fun to load the car up with appropriate music, Kraftwerk’s Authobahn, 2-4-6 Motorway by Tom Robinson and of course, Clash’s London Calling. And yes, it was a great feeling to be among the fairly few who actually made it to the fair 2010. But someone said ”an obstacle is often an unrecognized opportunity” and the effects of the volcano ash cloud were positive as well. The conversationsgrew longer and new meeting constellations arose. This year we intend to carry on this trend and we’re looking forward to encounters with you that are even more rewarding and fruitful. See you in London!


Best regards from Lena Stjernström and Grand Agency.


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