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Grand News # April, 2009


News in short

  • eyefeed Film and TV Production has signed  an option agreement regarding the film rights of Eva Sanner's Free Fall (Fritt fall). The book will be released in August 2009 (Natur & Kultur).
  • Henrik Fexeus’ The Art of Reading Minds (Konsten att läsa tankar) caught first place on the best selling list for April at Pocketshop. Pocketshop is a leading bookseller chain for paper back books in Sweden.
  • New authors at Grand Agency: Christine Falkenland and Henrik Lange. Welcome!


Agnes Heart Edward by Lina Forss

Meet Lina Forss and her novel Agnes Heart Edward (Agnes hjärta Edward). In the new book Lina Forss breaks loose from all conventions about how a love story should be told and what moral codes it should hold. The story is provocative, exciting and amusing.


Lina Forss, tell us about the liberties of Agnes and about the world she lives in.

”Agnes really has no reason to complain. Except for the fact that paint dries too slow and that her children wears her out and make her dreary. And then there is this thing called love. Agnes is married to Ragnar and is the mother of Kim and Noah. In order to find out the difference between good pain and bad evil pain she prefers to live even if it hurts. One day Edward stands in front of her with his cap pulled down. She can’t see his hair while her own black and shiny hair reaches well below her waist. Ragnar stands behind her, but since they have never been like everybody else, what can she do about it? If Agnes doesn’t live now life might end!”


You created a unique space for Agnes in literature. Is this a new type of woman you are describing?

”Agnes was about to become the traditional insane heroine hidden away in the attic in order to control madness. But then Edward came along and let her out. To find the true human and to let her exist without time and epithet you have to stand opposed to decency. Can one blame someone for just being human? I don’t think so. I hope Agnes is the future.”


Meryem’s Honour by Martin Svensson

Meet Martin Svensson and his new novel Meryem's Honour. The book is a touching and entertaining story about what happens when two different cultures collide and when the honour of a family becomes an excuse to oppress women.


In the book we get to know Viktor who is drawn into the life of the young Kurdish woman Meryem. Martin Svensson, what does Meryem want from Viktor?

”The first time Meryem makes contact with Viktor all she actually wants to do, is to apologize for her brother breaking into Viktor’s apartment. But there is something else as well. More or less unintentionally, she with Viktor soon creates a chaos. And maybe this chaos is actually a way out for her. And if one wants to, (this is up to the reader to decide) she even falls in love with Viktor. Somehow I think that the most interesting parts of a story is the parts that actually do not happen.”


You write in an entertaing way about a very serious and controversial subject. Is that really allowed?

”I you want to get people to listen and if you want to touch as many readers as possible, I beleive it is important to take the subject to a level on which people can regognize themselves. Us humans like to look ourselves in the mirror, right? I think that we are all victims of our own cultures, no matter what culture we come from. What has probably fascinated me the most while I wrote this book is how ludicrously alike we all are. My ambition has not only been to describe a culture chock or to explain exactly how the honour culture functions. I also wanted to tell a story as thrilling and as interesting as possible. With other words: I just carried out my duties as a writer.”


Words from the Agent

There is a growing interest for Sweden in the world. Sweden is no longer synonymous with Abba, Björn Borg, The Nobel Price and its social security system. Today, the picture of the perfect country of the north is much more balanced. And apparently the readers all over the world like to read that there are cracks in the perfect façade. One Swedish author after another meet international success.


The prediction is that this trend is here to stay. The double nature of Sweden is interesting. Our methods of saving banks in a depression has become world standard at the same time as the country has a reputation of a paradise for illegal file sharing. While the unemployment figures are racing, the cheap Swedish Krona draws new curious tourists to the country. And just as we think we are an emancipated country, many reports show that the number of people living under oppression increase.


Keep an eye on the new varying Sweden which will present a number of fantastic books in the near future. They will be exciting, elevating, overthrowing or they will just shake you. Just Swedish!


Best regards,

Lena Stjernström


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