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Grand News # August, 2009


Grand Agency proudly presents some of the latest news in the Swedish book stores:


Inger Frimansson – The Rat Keeper (Råttfångerskan, Norstedts)

The master of psychological thrillers has finally released a new book. The readers are absorbed and bite their nails at the same time as the market talks about this being Inger Frimansson’s best book ever. A piece of advice after reading The Rat Keeper: never steal another woman’s man! Read more about the book here…


Catharina Ingelman-Sundberg – Liberated (Befriad, Forum)

In this historical novel there is room for exciting adventures, the charismatic pirate Klaus Störtebecker, strong women, passionate love and tough politics between powerful nations. Liberated is a standalone third book in the trilogy about the trading house woman Anne Persdotter whom we have previously met in the bestselling books Stigmatized and Persecuted. Read more about the book here…


Jenny Leeb– Because of Leon (På grund av Leon, Lind & Co)

This is a well written and hopeful contemporary story of young people’s friendship and love – and the depths surrounding us all on the tricky path of life. Jenny Leeb’s previous book Stella and Sebastian sold in large numbers in paperback. Read more about Because of Leon here…


Eva Sanner – Free Fall (Fritt fall, Natur & Kultur)

This is not a novel. Yet a very intriguing story, this book on personal development. At the end of every chapter there are exercises for anyone who wants to learn more about himself/herself. Because the book is about finding your own map and start living by it. So keep your eyes open for Eva Sanner – she and her books will change lives.  Read more about Free Fall here…


Karin Wahlberg – Camilla and the Lie (Camilla och lögnen, B Wahlströms)

The crime queen’s first children’s book! It is an exciting and magic portray of a young girls life. With nerve and empathy Karin Wahlberg covers topics like sorrow, to miss someone and to discover who one is. She brings up questions about right and wrong in an easy way without pointing fingers. Read more about Camilla and the Lie here…


Danny Wattin – Excuse Me, Your Soul Just Died (Ursäkta, din själ dog nyss, Piratförlaget)

A twisted dystopia or a trustworthy description on what we can expect? You decide when you enter the remarkable world of Danny Wattin. View a world where there is a market for human genes and where humans have sacrificed what she needs in order to get what she wants. Excuse Me, Your Soul Just Died is a first class entertainment on a high level and in many dimensions. Read more about the book here…


Words from the agent

A brief trend notice: The magazine Svensk Bokhandel (ie. Swedish Book Market) reports that the book sales have increased between 5 and 35 percent this summer at Swedish book sellers. All in all the future looks promising. We are counting on that the best sellers will dominate the physical book stores even more in the future. But that will not be the end of literature. On the contrary.  


Chris Anderson speaks of ”The Long Tail”. This is true also for the Nordic book market. Upmarket and literary titles will find a growing audience over the Internet and will get a longer life than in the physical bookstore. And happily enough you find the best mix of Nordic best sellers and high quality fiction- and nonfiction at Grand Agency. Make sure to meet us at the upcoming book fairs. See you!


Best regards from Lena Stjernström and Grand Agency


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