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Grand News, #August II, 2012


Grand Agency presents news from Scandinavia

Children and YA titles


Lina Forss and Niklas Krog – One Night (Bonnier Carlsen)

This is the love story every teenager needs! Two characters, two worlds, one scarf and a magical moment on a snowy winter night! In One Night Lina Forss’ character Timotej, an upper class lovelorn girl, meets Turk, Niklas Krog’s shy, basketball playing guy. And when they bump into each other, while tugging the same scarf in a store in the Christmas rush, they cannot let each other go, although they both know they differ in every way. But the magic and love is so obvious between them, they have to get to know each other. But all they have is one night. One night that will become a life-changing meeting, before it is time to let go and move on with their lives. Read more …


Johanna Nilsson – Like Hate the Whore (Pocketförlaget)

Some books are not just good reads, they are also very important! Like Hate the Whore is such a book. It is about best friends Gloria and Jonna and how a dance with the school's most popular guy at a party, culminate in cyberbullying of the worst kind. A group called Hate the Whore is established on Facebook, and then it gets worse quickly. Gloria feels so depressed, she starts cutting herself again, and Jonna must do something. She decides to retaliate the same way. Because online, anything can happen. A hangman can suddenly become the victim. The book is published in cooperation with 'Friends', an organization working to prevent bullying in schools. An emotional novel that makes us realize how fast downhill it goes when rumors are spread online. Read more…


Martin Svensson – Knock Three Times, and Other Ghost Stories (Känguru)

A dark, dark night ... a graveyard ... walls that creak ... the wind that wines ... windows squeaking ... Now the 6 to 9 year old readers should find a nice couch corner, because these are really lovely ghost stories. But no need to be frightened. The stories are more cozy scary and are ideal for reading aloud during a dark evening! Well-grounded in the reality children can identify with, a leap is taken into the unknown. The stories are set both in the city, in the countryside and in the deep woods. They have everything that children like to read about: excitement, wacky situations and also those unexpected and creepy things that can happen. Read more ...


Recent international releases, children and YA titles

Belgium, AW Bruna: Sara B. Elfgren & Mats Strandberg – The Circle

Czech Republic, Fortuna Libri: Sara B. Elfgren & Mats Strandberg – The Circle

The Netherlands, AW Bruna: Sara B. Elfgren & Mats Strandberg – The Circle

Slovak, Fortuna Libri: Sara B. Elfgren & Mats Strandberg – The Circle

Spain, Maeva: Sara B. Elfgren & Mats Strandberg –The Circle


Words from the agent


The best thing with books are the broad variety of reading experiences they can offer. The whole world is available to us through books. In this newsletter our authors cover most subjects we long for as readers! The supernatural, love and the reality based drama. We are glad to present ghost stories which play with our imagination and fears, a sparkling hot love story, and a tumbling and chocking novel portraying teenager’s life on the Internet. The whole world is welcome to publish and spread the worlds of these books!


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