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Grand News #August, 2012


Grand Agency presents news from Scandinavia


Cilla & Rolf Börjlind – The Spring Tide (Norstedts)

When The Spring Tide is released in Sweden this month the rights have already been sold to twenty countries all over the world. It’s easy to understand why. The book holds a page turning story and is populated by colorful characters. A motley crew of people who do not always do what you expect of them. The book kick-starts with a brutal murder on North Koster 1987. The victim is a young pregnant woman. Detective Tom Stilton has a victim whose identity is unknown and he finds no motive and no traces. The case remains unsolved. Twenty years later, homeless people in Stockholm are severely beaten. Each assault is filmed and posted online. Simultaneously, police cadet Olivia Rönning receives an assignment to investigate a cold case. Olivia chooses the beach case from North Koster. To unravel the mystery she needs to get a hold of Tom Stilton. But Stilton is gone and nobody knows where he has gone. Olivia goes out searching. Read more …


Catharina Ingelman-Sundberg – Coffee and Robbery (Forum)

When the Senior Citizens League enters the literary scene everything could happen, and it does! In a harmless way it all starts with singing. Martha, The Genius, The Rake, Stina and Anna-Greta all sings in the retirement home The Diamond’s quire. Since new owners took over the The Diamond, life has turned very dull. Bad food and dreary attitude, lack of exercise and constant cut downs. Thinking and talking about it, they realize that they would probably be much better off in jail! Martha gets an idea – they will commit a crime and ensure that they are convicted. Some type of financial crime, a small coup of some sort. And whatever they get, they will give to the poor and elderly. If Robin Hood could, so could they! The novel is an ongoing bestseller! Read more ...


Hans-Olov Öberg – Someone to Trust (Kalla Kulor förlag)

It is June 1st 1987. A badly beaten and raped girl is brought into the emergency room at the hospital in Västerås. A diary falls out of her purse and Someone picks it up. Someone who does not accept the exploitation of young girls. Someone who really wants to be a Someone To Trust. Soon, Detective Inspector Benny Modigh, has a series of well-planned assault cases to investigate. Meanwhile, more rapes are exposed to daylight. All have been done in the same way. One each year. Always on June 1st. Someone seems to have taken the law in his or hers own hands, making justice and the police face new moral questions. Read more ...


Recent international releases

Italy, AVallardi: Henrik Fexeus – The Art of Reading Minds

The Netherlands, Rode Kamer: Håkan Östlundh – The Intruder

Norway, Spartacus: Elisabeth Åsbrink – And in Wienerwald the Trees Still Remain

Germany, Goldmann: Henrik Fexeus – When You Do What I Want You To

Germany, Beltz: Elizabeth Gummesson – Good Enough

USA, St Martin’s Press: Håkan Östlundh – The Viper


Words from the agent


Summer is coming to an end, and in the north, the evenings get cooler while the southern parts of Europe is right now hit by a heat wave. In Sweden the approaching autumn can be notices through an extensive and diverse book publishing. Already, the critics has both blown hot and cold over the autumn books, already some scandals have been revealed and some books are already on everybody’s lips . At Grand Agency, we are proud to represent some of Sweden's best writers. This fall there will be staggering novels, page turning crime stories and thrillers impossible to put down, and youth books where emotions run from passionate love to millennial horror. So get ready, pull up your favorite armchair, charge your e-reader and put on your reading glasses. The book autumn is here.


Maria Enberg and Grand Agency


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