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Grand News # Feb, 2010


Grand Agency presents news from Scandinavia


Tove Alsterdal – Women on the Beach (Lind & Co)

The debutant Tove Alsterdal has received tremendous reviews for both her language and the drama in Women on the Beach. The book is an international thriller about a woman’s intense search for her missing husband. A struggle which takes her right into the slave trade of today. Tove Alsterdal has worked many years as a journalist, script writer and novel dramaturge. Now she faces an exciting phase of her writing. Our advice is very clear: keep your eyes on Tove Alsterdal. Read more about the book …


Clara Jonsson – Covet (Xstory)

Once again the pseudonym Clara Jonsson makes Swedes blush with her well written and best selling erotic novels. In her world both body and soul shall be entertained. Her new book Covet takes us on eleven different adventures where we meet people who do not know each other but who’s life all connect through sexuality. This provides for unexpected meetings and joyful experiences. Their pounding and aching desire leads to unforeseen consequences. Beware of trembling hands when reading! Read more about the book …


Håkan Östlundh – To Catch an Angel (Forum)

Country after country are discovering the experienced writer Håkan Östlundh and his high quality Gotland crime novels. His latest book, the standalone To Catch an Angel takes place in Stockholm and covers passion, loyalty and a fateful drama where a young man is stabbed to death. It’s a burning description of contemporary life and Östlundh delivers a trustworthy picture of ordinary people’s life in a segregated community. When the book was recently launched, the critics once again found a reason to praised Håkan Östlundh and his skillful writing. Read more about it …


News in short

  • Henrik Fexeus is the expert on personal influence who makes the indescribable understandable. His books have now sold in over quarter of a million copies in Sweden.
  • Kajsa Ingemarsson’s heartwarming novel Wheel of Fortune makes a success in Germany. It is now on ninth place on the top list!
  • Mats Strandberg’s Half Lives received the Book of the Year Award at the magazine QX’s Gay Gala 2010.


Words from the agent

We have had a long and cold winter in Scandinavia. For years there haven’t been as many days in a row with temperatures way below zero. However, this doesn’t stop the Scandinavian authors from being burning hot. Maybe it is the very harshness up here in the north that makes them write for their lives – and for ours. What should we do without them?


As you know you will find some of Scandinavia’s best authors at Grand Agency. Meet us at this spring’s book fairs or update yourselves through our web site. We will participate at the London Book Fair in April and at Book Expo America in New York in May. Book a meeting with us today! E-mail Lotta Jämtsved Millberg,


Best wishes from Maria Enberg and Grand Agency


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