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Grand News #February 2012


Grand Agency presents news from Scandinavia


Tove Alsterdal – Tomb of Silence (Lind & Co)

It’s finally here, Tove Alsterdal’s second thriller. As in her first book, already sold to nine countries, Alsterdal has written a story that is impossible to put down. The setting is the very north of Sweden, on the banks of Torne River and the Swedish border to the east. It’s ice cold midwinter, when a former cross country skier, the loner Lapp-Erik, is beaten to death in an old farm. Simultaneously, Katrine returns from London, where she has lost her job as a correspondent for Swedish Radio. When she goes through the belongings of her old mother, she reveals secrets about their past that has been kept in silence for decades. It all leads to the northern village Kivikangas. Tomb of Silenceis a page-turner and dark family chronicle, with strings back through the entire twenties century. Read more…


Henrik Lange – Strindberg For People In A Hurry (Kartago)

If August Strindberg would have lived today, what would he be Twittering about? How many friends would he have had on Facebook? Would he consider adding a werewolf to the characters of Hemsöborna? And would he still be drinking that Absint? On May 14th this year it’s 100 years since August Strindberg passed away. He left behind him a literary treasure which has become very important to Swedish literature. The Centennial will be celebrated both in Sweden and abroad and of course. With humor, intelligence and irony, Henrik Lange will pay his own very personal tribute to the great author. Read more…


Pontus Ljunghill – An Invisible (Wahlström & Widstrand)

With his debut novel, An Invisible, Pontus Ljunghill writes himself right into the long and successful Swedish crime tradition. An Invisible is both a suspense novel and a moving depiction of Stockholm.

It’s about how a case can be personal and eat it’s way in to never let go. It’s the year of 1928 when an eight year old girl, Ingrid Bengtsson is found dead at the closed down shipyard at the idyllic island Djurgården in Stockholm. The murder raises a lot of interest and the young and promising inspector John Stierna is put in charge of the murder chase. It becomes a hunt for a murderer who has left almost no traces. Stierna gets personally involved and the price he will pay is very high. The book was just released in Sweden and rights are already sold to three countries via pre-emt offers. Read more …


Recent international releases

China: Inger Frimansson – Good Night My Darling

China: Inger Frimansson – Shadow In the Water

China: Torkel Klingberg - The Overflowing Brain

Estonia: Henrik Fexeus – When You Do What I Want You To

Estonia: Kajsa Ingemarsson – Yesterday’s News

Germany: B.Elfgren/Mats Strandberg – The Circle

Italy: Kajsa Ingemarsson – Simply Water

Italy: Amanda Lind – The Gospel According to Francy

Norway: B.Elfgren/Mats Strandberg – The Circle

Norway: Wahlberg – The Comforter

Russia: Maria Ernestam – Buster’s Ears

Russia: Maria Ernestam – Caipirinha With Death

Russia: Anna Jansson – The Silver Crown

Russia: Cilla Naumann – What Do You See Now

USA: Torkel Klingberg – The Learning Brain


Word from the agent


This week Charles Dickens turns 200 years old and in May 100 years have passed since the Swedish national poet August Strindberg died and left behind him family, colleagues, friends and enemies. These great men and women who live and work in their own eras, conscious or not of the role they will play for generations of readers, writers, fans and doubters. Who were they really, and what was significant for the times in which they were active? What did they do in their free time, how did they dress, what did they eat for breakfast? How did people treat gender during Dickens’ lifetime? Did Strindberg actually hate women? When we celebrate an artist’s jubilee there is always a broad collections of books honoring the person. Henrik Lange’s contribution to the Strindberg celebration stands out and therefore it’s particularly gratifying that his book will be released simultaneously, on the day of Strindberg’s death, in Sweden and France. Why not come along and make your own version? Or would you like to have your own Langebook on your country’s own national poet? It is important for every culture to praise their thinkers and also create breeding ground for new generations of creative crazy heads.


Wild, literary greetings                                                     

Lena Stjernström and Grand Agency


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