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Grand News #January 2013


Grand Agency presents news from Scandinavia


Elizabeth Gummesson – Good Enough for Parents

Do you prepare a pile of clothes every night in order to make sure your child has the right outfit to school? Are you the “bonus dad” who will do anything to be accepted by the new wife's kids? Do you make your children’s lunch bag in order to look good to the teachers? Do you rush to day care to pick up your kid early even though your child really wants to stay on and play? Or are you a teenage parent who find it difficult to set boundaries in fear of a conflict? "The day I decided to relax, to throw away my bad conscience and trust myself as a parent, I became a 1000 times better mom." These words come from the coach, lecturer and author Elizabeth Gummesson. With both humor and seriousness, she describes her own experiences as a perfectionist mother, and she tells the story about how she managed to turn the situation around. And improved both her and her children’s everyday life. Read more …


Recent international releases

The Netherlands, Luitingh ~ Sijthoff: Pontus Ljunghill – An Invisible

Norway, Silke: Catharina Ingelman-Sundberg – Coffee and Robbery

Norway, Pantagruel: Pontus Ljunghill – An Invisible

USA, Pleasure Boat Studio/Caravel Books: Inger Frimansson – The Cat Who Would Not Die


Words from the Agent


This year Grand Agency celebrates its fifths anniversary. The first years have gone fast. We have worked hard and it’s been enormously fun. We are happy and proud of our writers and of the fine business we have built around their words. Thanks to them, the world has gotten a little better and a little bigger. We are going to celebrate all year and begin by welcoming three new authors to the agency. Kalle Dixelius is a journalist and debuted in 2009 with Toff’s Book. This fall, he releases his novel When James McDougal Disappeared. A contemporary story with strong heroes and supernatural elements. Åsa Hellberg has previously charmed readers with her feel good novels Sonja's Last Will and Sonja's Secret. Her third book in this glorious genre will be released in spring 2014. Martin Olczak, who has written a long list of children's books, debuts this fall as a novelist. The Academy Murders is a rich and exciting page turner with both historical elements and modern serial killer methods.


We are also glad to welcome our new colleague, Umberto Ghidoni. Now we set off for the next five years, with even more funny, sad, serious, interesting, beautiful, fictionalized, true, exciting, scary and enjoyable stories.


Join us!


/Lena Stjernström and Grand Agency


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