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Grand News #June, 2011


Grand Agency presents news from Scandinavia


Marianne Cedervall – The Distaff Side (Natur & Kultur)

This is Marianne Cedervall’s third book about Mirjam and Hervor and all the strange events occurring around them. Mirjam and Hervor get new neighbors when the medium Kajsa and her foster son Emanuel, moves in next door. But when Emanuel is seen around the neighborhood he is constantly hungry and not particularly clean. When Mirjam and Hervor get to know him they understand something is definitely wrong. Read more about Marianne Cedervall’s new book here…


Leif Eriksson, Bob Hansson and Martin Svensson – Dingo Dingo (Telegram)

Like Fight Club, but the opposite! Leif Eriksson, Bob Hansson and Martin Svensson have written a novel about men and what happens when one gets a taste of the undemanding hug. With a lot of humor the trio turns the concepts of male and female. Dingo Dingo is the story about a few men who dare to feel what it is they are really longing for. They get an invitation to a puzzling party, which will change them forever. Before they meet it just doesn’t exist that they would ever hug each other. But they will. And they want absolutely nothing else. Read more about Dingo Dingo here …


Anna Jansson – The Eternal Flame of Alchemy (Norstedts)

In Anna Jansson’s new book Maria Wern struggles with a murderer who turns out to follow the principles of alchemy. The hunt of the fanatic perpetrator goes from an old artist community on Gotland to Kosta Art Hotel on the mainland. One early morning, one of the last alchemists Justus Hartman, is abducted from Visby Hospital. Does someone want to get to his inner secrets before he dies? The tracks lead to the main land. A man is found dead in a glass coffin at Kosta Art Hotel and Maria Wern realizes that there is a connection between the murder and Justus’ disappearance. Read more about Anna Jansson’s book here…


Amanda Lind – Francy’s Testament (Damm Förlag)

Francy’s Testamentis the second part of the trilogy Sthlm Red. When the expression Stockholm Noir stands for harsh realism, Stockholm Red stands for twisted fiction – a free fantasy which releases all limitations.Francy Björnsson is tired. Her father, who was just released from prison, has turned against her, determined to take over her organization. Her son Adrian has done the same, turned against her, but in his case to show her the health risks to the drug she sells, even if it means a risk to his own life. Even her own body has turned against her, by making her sick. Read more about Fracy’s Testament


Recent international releases

Denmark: Kajsa Ingemarsson – The Wheel of Fortune

Finland: Marianne Cedervall – Swinebite

Finland: Inger Frimansson – Fear no Evil

Finland: Anna Jansson – Sleepwalker

Germany: Maria Ernestam – Always With You

Japan: Inger Frimansson – Good Night My Darling

The Netherlands: Katerina Janouch – Betrayed

The Netherlands: Karin Wahlberg – The Death of Carpet Dealer Olsson

The Netherlands: Håkan Östlundh – Sacrifice

Norway: Bob Hansson – Oops, Suddenly There Was Life

Russia: Åsa Lantz – Whatever Happened to That Sweet Little Girl

Spain: Karin Wahlberg – The Comforter


Pioneering news from the Agent


As a literary agent one mustn’t get stuck in a rut. If you ever feel like leaning back and think that there is no need to improve, you are in trouble. Because the literary stage is constantly changing, and we need to be out there. Popular genres supersede one another and trends are hustling with one another like the audience at a rock concert. Everybody wants to be in the front row, and when it comes to rights, the development is quick. When new formats and sales channels develop, the rights agreements need to be reformulated and modernized. Difficult and hard according to some. Challenging and fun according to us. 


The last example on how the new formats create new conditions is the sale of the digital English world rights for the pseudonym Clara Jonsson’s short story collection Lust to Word Audio, a Swedish audio book publisher. Word Audio will publish Lust in English as audio book, e-book and POD and the sales will conclusively take place on Internet. Contratulations from us to the international audience who will now get a chance to encounter Swedish erotica.


From Grand Agency we wish you all a nice summer.


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