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Grand News # June, 2009


News in short

A warm welcome to the agency’s first Danish author - Inger Wolf.


Inger Wolf worked many years as a translator before she started writing crime novels. Her first novel, A Dark End of Summer (Sort sensommer) won the Danish Detective Academy’s award for the most exciting debut novel in 2006. This coming autumn the third book in the series about superintendent Daniel Trokic and IT-specialist Lisa Kornelius will be released.


Meet Kajsa Ingemarsson and her new novel Simply Water

The widely popular author Kajsa Ingemarsson is releasing a new novel in Sweden. Simply Water (Bara vanligt vatten) is a direct hit, humorous, and driven picture of the seamy side of fame. But it is also a warm portrait of a woman forced to reach beyond her usual patterns and paths in life to find happiness.


Kajsa Ingemarsson, who is Stella Friberg?

 “Stella Friberg is a very successful author. Her books always reach the top of the top lists in Sweden and she is also very popular abroad. The stories about the 19th century female detective Franciska Falke are to be filmed in Hollywood. She is wealthy – of course – has a luxurious apartment, a Lexus, her own horse and a closet full of designer clothes. Her boyfriend is a chief of programs on TV and there is plenty written in the tabloids about this ‘power couple’. With other words; Stella is fame and success impersonated.”

Her world falls apart, why is her fall so brutal?
”Stella is a very lonely woman. She doesn’t know it herself yet, or rather, she doesn’t want to know. As the years have gone by, she has isolated herself more and more, but blames it on that others cannot handle her success. Her life is a bubble and she tries to disregard from the fact that underneath the surface, there is so much emptiness and things she doesn’t want to see – as for example her relationship with her parents. So, when her world starts to fall apart it is kind of a free fall before she finally lands. A simple matter as a water leak becomes the start of a new life for Stella. If she chooses to take the chance that is….”


You are about to be published in China, how does that feel?
”It is fantastic! If I can contribute with a gleam of a different world for the readers in China, it makes me very happy. I myself would love to get more than a gleam of China, a country which is a bit of a mystery for me.”


Meet Anna Jansson and the new thriller Not Until the Giver is Dead

One of Sweden’s thriller queens is releasing a new crime novel. Just like the others Not Until the Giver is Dead (Först när givaren är död) is set on the island of Gotland and has Detective Inspector Maria Wern as its main character.


Anna Jansson, you usually have a theme and an ethical dilemma in your books. What is it in Not Until the Giver is Dead?

”I want to protest in time against the aging I do not want to have. I don’t want to be fed in nine minutes, have a new diaper in two and never get to go outside. I want wine and camembert and someone to talk to.”


In the book you present speculations which can alter the Nordic history. What is that about?

On Gotland they have found the world’s largest Viking Age treasure with 14000 coins and an additional 750 silver items from the time. On Birka in Lake Mälaren they have found around 1000 coins. Where was the real Birka, the center of trade and commerce? Together with an archeologist on Gotland I have found indications which could alter the Swedish history.”


The TV-series Strange Bird became a huge success in Sweden and Denmark. Shortly, the sequels will come – which books are being filmed this autumn?

”The scripts are ready for my first two books The Speechless God and All the Tranquil Dead. The plan is to film them this autumn. I was more than happy with the adaption of Strange Bird and Eva Röse is fantastic in the role as Maria Wern. A Detective Inspector with heart and commitment.”


Words from the agent

This month Grand Agency celebrates one and a half year. This is a good time to tell you about all the fantastic things that have happened since we started. Grand Agency are proud to represent 40 successful Swedish authors. Now it’s time to broaden our list with Scandinavian writers. The first one is the Danish crime star Inger Wolf!


The building of network continues and our authors have found new fine publishers all over the world. The breakthrough on the Asian market is overwhelming as is the interest from southern Europe and the US where we have made a number of large deals during the last six months. It’s very nice to see the company grow and flourish despite the regression.


Summer vacation is closing in. We’re going to take a brake and devote ourselves to what we love the most. Reading books!


Wherever you are, have a splendid book summer!


Warm regards from Maria Enberg & Grand Agency


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