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Grand News # June, 2010


Grand Agency presents news from Scandinavia


Maria Ernestam – On the Other Side of the Sun (Forum)

Maria Ernestam is a master at combining psychological realism to her stories filled with fascinating flying fantasy. Her new novel On the Other Side of the Sun (På andra sidan solen) is loved by the critics, and tells a story of lies and betrayal, love and sorrow. The main character Viola travels to Skåne in southern Sweden with her husband Axel and their two teenage daughters. The family have borrowed a house, not far from the nursing home where Axel’s mother is being cared for. During the visits with the mother-in-law Viola gets to know Lea, an old lady who hands her a couple of novels she has written about her dramatic life in China during their civil war. While reading Lea’s stories Viola’s worries rise and she is beginning to fear her own husband. Axel has changed since he got sick four years earlier. Secrets unveil. Who is he really? How far does ”for better or for worse” go? Read more here …


Anna Jansson – Sleepwalker (Norstedts)

The well selling crime novelist Anna Jansson goes from clarity to clarity. Many of her books are being filmed and she gets new readers in a constantly raising number of countries. With her most recent book Sleepwalker (Drömmen förde dig vilse) she continues to keep her readers in suspense. This time she blows life in the old Gotlandic myth about the White Sea Lady, when a nurse is found murdered in a pavilion in the botanic garden in Visby. The young woman is dressed like a bride. Detective Inspector Maria Wern starts an uneven struggle against a murdered who can observe every step the police takes. And as always, Anna Jansson also points at other dilemmas parallel to the crime story. This time hypochondria is put into light. Read more here …


Anna Jansson – 2 x Emil Wern (Rabén & Sjögren)

As previously mentioned, Anna Jansson is in a very exciting phase of her authorship. Now children as well as adults can enjoy her poetic language and fascinating intrigues. The first books about the detective Emil Wern have recently entered the Swedish book market with much attention. And this series is also about to be filmed. And yes, you made a correct guess. Emil Wern is the son of Detective Inspector Maria Wern! An ingenious move by an ingenious author. The first two books are The Battle of the Knights (Riddarnas kamp) and The Class Fund (Klasskassan). It is very exciting and very fun. Read more here …


Lars Rambe – Shadows (Kalla Kulor)

Shadows is Lars Rambe’s second crime novel about journalist Fredrik Gransjö. As well as last time, the story takes place in beautiful Sörmland, the heart of Sweden. While the idyllic small town Strängnäs is preparing for a jazz festival, the notorious criminal Marcin Szalas escapes from Mariefred prison under spectacular circumstances. Violence will shake Sörmland during this summer. The reader who enjoyed the first book, will recognize Lars Rambe’s ability to deliver a fascinating story while focus is also on regular people’s life and drives. Shadows is a dramatic crime novel of high  class. Read more here …


Recent international releases


Words from the agent

Grand Agency is on the winning team. According to a newly made report from The Swedish Publishers’ Association the export of Swedish titles increased during 2009 and reached a record of SEK 122.6 million. An increase with no less than 26% from 2008.


Another interesting information in the report is that the sales of older titles (backlist) increase in Sweden. The Internet shopping is probably the main reason why more titles has a chance to reach their readers. Thus, the last two years’ decrease in sales is mostly on new titles. However, the decrease has slowed down and the quick statistics from the association’s five biggest publishers for the first four months 2010, show even an increase again.


And with these pleasant news, we wish everybody a nice summer!


Warm regards from Lena Stjernström and Grand Agency


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