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Grand News #June, 2012


Grand Agency presents news from Scandinavia


Inger Wolf - Evil Water (Black Cat Edition)

There is something rotten in the town of Aarhus and Inger Wolf is not afraid of violence and sudden death when she creates detective stories. The critics seem to love her cruelty. In Evil Water two women disappear within a few months without leaving a trace. Later that autumn a farmer makes a macabre discovery on his land on the outskirts of Aarhus. Under a pile of stones he finds corpses and skeletal remains of the two women packed in suitcases. The scene looks like a place of sacrifice and one of the women’s skin is filled with characters that look like the letter Y. Daniel Trokic and his colleagues have a complicated case to deal with when Inger Wolf gives her readers yet another horrible story that is impossible to put down. Read more …


Håkan Östlundh – Lawless Country (Forum)

While Håkan Östlundh is being launched for the Italian and American audiences, the Swedish readers welcomes the sixth independent Fredrik Broman detective novel. As usual, Håkan Östlundh weaves a tight story with a creeping tension. This time we meet two petty criminals from Gotland's smallest parish Rums. The two outlaws think they have succeeded in the perfect crime, and they see before them a life in a land far away where no one asks any questions. But then everything starts to go wrong. Their smuggler is found dead and instead of a grand finale the coming weeks become a fight for their lives. Fredrik Broman and his colleagues are at their heels. But whatever Broman does, and however hard he tries, the police always seem to be one step behind in a seemingly lawless land. Read more …


Recent international releases

Denmark, Mrs Robinson: Tove Alsterdal – Tomb of Silence

Faroe Island, Bókadeild Føroya Læraraferlags: Sara B. Elfgren & Mats Strandberg – The Circle

Italy, Salani: Leif Eriksson, Bob Hansson, Martin Svensson – Dingo Dingo

Italy, Fazi Editore: Håkan Östlundh – Terror

The Netherlands, Ambo Anthos: Inger Wolf – The Singing Bird

UK, Arrow/Random House: Sara B. Elfgren & Mats Strandberg – The Circle


Word from the agent


Another eventful spring draws to a close and once again a new market has opened up to the Scandinavian literature. Now it's the Brazilian readers who are lucky to have found the great Swedish novels and the well-written crime stories from the legendary dark northern countries. But right now it is light up here in the North. The midsummer sun never sets and the nights smell of lilac and lily of the valley. Many of Grand Agency's authors release exciting titles as we move towards summer and vaction. Be sure to pick up a hefty pile of books, or load your e-reader, because shortly it is time for the beach, the hammock and the wonderful time of stretchreading.

A wonderful summer to you all.


Lena Stjernström and Grand Agency


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