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Newsletter # June, 2013


Grand Agency presents news from Scandinavia


Susanne Boll – The Right Decisions (Damm)

Three women's lives capsize. Completely. When the excitement and passion meet, the going gets rough. In  Susanne Boll’s relationship novel three women’s pathway cross, psychological stress is screwed up, and life-changing choices have to be made. Maria is happily married and should be just that, happy. But the lump in her breast sets everything at stake and all of a sudden she does things she never thought herself capable of. Helmi, the controlled and beautiful physician at the Oncology Unit is fed up with the role of being the death messenger. She makes a drastic decision which, according to her, spare both herself and the patients. Isabelle is a preschool teacher happily in love with her partner Jerker. Suddenly she finds herself by the computer, googling for a man she thought she had left behind. Already in the first few pages, the reader realizes that this is a book you can’t possibly put down until you come to the last page. Read more…


Anna Jansson – A Dance on Glowing Embers

Is it real love when Maria Wern finally falls deeply in love with Björn, the fireman in A Dance on Glowing Embers? Besides the fire in her hearth Maria Wern faces a tough challenge in solving the reason to a series of fires – all in the same neighborhood. One strong suspect is eleven-year- old Leo who has earlier lost his mother in a fire. The little boy is really not well taken care of, a true case of cruelty and neglect. As a reader your heart bleeds for this boy. Another up-to- date- dilemma here is a group of woman who falls in the hands of someone who is, in exchange of money and a small experiment,  promising them beauty beyond the ordinary. A Dance on Glowing Embers is a book about greed, about the forces that do not hesitate to use other people's vulnerability and longing for love.  Read more ...


Recent international releases

Denmark, Gyldendal: Pontus Ljunghill –An Invisible

Denmark, Lindhardt & Ringhof: Håkan Östlundh - Lawless Country

Denmark; Modtryk: Eirik WekreThe Sorcerer’s Apprentice

Finland, Atena: Henrik Fexeus – Everybody Gets Some

India, Amaryllis: Elizabeth Gummesson – Let's Talk

Germany, Kosmos: Inger Frimansson - Riding on Golden

Germany, Scherz: Catharina Ingelman-Sundberg The Little Old Lady who Broke all the Rules

Italy, Newton Compton: Catharina Ingelman-Sundberg The Little Old Lady who Broke all the Rules

Italy, Vallardi: Henrik Fexéus – When You Do What I Want You to

The Netherlands, Prometheus: Tove Alsterdal – Tomb of Silence

The Netherlands, AW Bruna: Rolf & Cilla Börjlind – The Spring Tide

Polen, Czarna Owca: Cilla & Rolf Börjlind –The Spring Tide

Spain, Ediciones B: Cilla & Rolf Börjlind –The Spring Tide

Spain, Random Mondadori: Catharina Ingelman-Sundberg The Little Old Lady who Broke all the Rules

UK, Hammer: Sara B. Elfgren & Mats Strandberg – Fire


Words from the Agent


When nature is in its most beautiful spring dress and lazy summer days are closing in, we get really sunny reports from bookstores and Swedish publishers.  Sales of books in the first months has gone up considerably. After the difficult years, it looks as though the readers are returning to the bookstores and the craving for good stories is back. The hunger for the agency's crime fiction is still huge and there is also a great demand for rich stories of women of all ages. Relationships and love are, as we know never out of style, and now the readers crave for romantic comedies, great family tales and exciting portrayals of relationships in change. At this time, we take the opportunity to welcome two new authors to the agency who write in this broad genre, Susanne Boll, who writes about relationships, love and sex, and Carina Dahl, who’s magical family tale The Crown Jewels already made ​​great success on the silver screen and on television. Now, it’s time to get the entire gorgeous story in book form.


So run to the bookstore or log on to your on line book dealer and fill up on this summer's exciting, sad, romantic, demanding and fun reading. Then, it’s just time to find the deckchair.


/Lena Stjernström and Grand Agency


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