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Grand News #March, 2011

Grand Agency presents news from Scandinavia


Varg Gyllander – What Rests on the Bottom (Bra Böcker)

Varg Gyllander has done it again. With his proficient language and with his feel for details he has once again created a page turner. In this third book in the crime series, the reader meets a lonely Port Captain when he looks out over the sea where the crests turn white by the incoming storm. The cruise ship M/S Vega’s lanterns don’t show up on the black horizon as they normally do. Something has happened out there on the sea, a murder which will put crime investigator Ulf Holtz to the test, both professionally and privately. What Rests on the Bottom is a dense and exciting crime novel around a crime committed in our presence. In a public place just that little short moment when no one was looking and no one passed by. Read more about What Rests on the Bottom here…


Torkel Klingberg – The Learning Brain (Natur & Kultur)

To combine being one of the world’s leading brain researchers and to write in an easy and understandable way is a skill Torkel Klingberg masters. In The Learning Brain he writes in a simple and vivid way about our working memory and the most important processes going on in the brain during childhood, in relation to children’s learning and development. Humans cannot learn anything new without having the brain involved in the process. We need an arsenal of cognitive tools at hand; we have knowledge of rules in the long term memory, we keep relevant information in the working memory and we are able to perform comparisons between new numbers or letters. In addition, quite a few areas also require motor skills and perceptual memories and skills. The Learning brain is an important read for both parents and teachers. Read more about this acknowledge book here …


Inger Wolf – The Wasp Nest (Modtryk)

Inger Wolf continues her horror hike in The Wasp Nest. A teenage boy is found murdered in Århus, in what seems to be a brutal assassination. The boy is beaten, his lips are cut off. Over and around the body there are piles of dry, dead wasps. Vice Superintendent Daniel Trokic, Lisa Kornelius and the rest of the team get started and they quickly realize they are dealing with a murderer who won’t stop at killing once. More killings occur and as the investigation goes on, the police are drawn deeper and deeper into all the grotesque events. No one is safe, not even Daniel Trokic. Read more about The Wasp Nest here …


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