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Grand News # March, 2009


Grand Slam at Swedish Paperback Award Gala

Congratulations to nine of Grand Agency’s authors who were all awarded prices at Pocketgalan (Paperback Award Gala), Monday March 9. The annual award ceremony is held by the Swedish publisher’s organization (Svenska Förläggarföreningen) and is presented in three values.


Platinum paperback (over 100 00 copies sold)

  • Kajsa Ingemarsson – Wheel of Fortune, (Lyckans hjul) novel, Månpocket
  • Markus Lutteman – El Choco (El Choco) true story, Månpocket


Gold paperback (over 50 00 copies sold)

  • Katerina Janouch – Summer Child (Sommarbarn) novel, Pocketförlaget
  • Anna Jansson – Boy Missing (Pojke försvunnen) crime novel, Månpocket
  • Jenny Leeb – Stella and Sebastian (Stella och Sebastian) novel, Pocketförlaget
  • Karin Wahlberg – The Comforter (Tröstaren) crime novel, Månpocket


Silver paperback (over 30 00 copies sold)


More Grand Paperback News

The Swedish paperback top list for last week turned out grand. Number one: Always with You (Alltid hos dig) by Maria Ernestam. Number two: The Art of Reading Minds (Konsten att läsa tankar) by Henrik Fexeus. Congratulations! (Source: Pocketgrossisten, week #10).


Words from the Agent

Like many Swedes I have just spent a winter break on the ski slopes up north. A few days outside with skiing as the daily activity as a break from the regular office work. One day I see a woman reading a book in the chair lift. Not once, but several times, I see the woman with her nose in a paperback and when the lift reaches the top and her co passengers get off in the exact right moment, she calmly turns a page and stays in the lift as it circles around the end tower and begins its journey downhill. I get curious and next time I am to go up, I make sure to get in the same chair as she is in. After a moment of doubt, I ask her what she is reading and why she has chosen the quite unusual reading chair.


“Oh, I am reading a fantastic book about the art of reading minds. My husband bought it at a gas station on the way up here, but if he thinks he is going to read MY mind I want a head start. I told the family I wanted to go cross country skiing today, but instead I stuck the book in my jacket and just went to another lift system than my family. And here I can read without being interrupted instead of wobbling around on my skis. I don’t even really like skiing. I mostly do it for my family. Books on the other hand I love. And read I can do anywhere.”


I laugh at the woman’s confession. All the way down the slope I smile at her little protest and before I know it I am inside curled up by the fire place, with a glass of hot wine and a brand new crime novel in my lap. Ski vacations are wonderful!


Warm wishes,

Lena Stjernström


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