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Grand News # March, 2010


Grand Agency presents news from Scandinavia


Varg Gyllander - Only Important People Die (Bra Böcker)

Only Important People Die (Bara betydelsefulla dör) is Varg Gyllander’s sequel to last year’s debut about Crime investigator Ulf Holtz and his colleague Pia Levin. When a young neo-nazist is killed, Holtz and Levin are pulled into an investigation that takes them in several directions and questions pile up: Who is the smoking man by the murder scene and what really happens between the doors in the notorious Eaglenest? Levin is forced to dig into the dead nazist’s past and Holtz does what he always does, mixes his regular accuracy with spontaneous ideas in order to move the investigation forward. Only Important People Die is an exciting and authentic portrait of police work and human’s drive. Read more here…


Moa Herngren – Let Me Just Fix Something in the Kitchen (Wahlström & Widstrand)

Moa Herngren is without doubt one of Sweden’s most interesting new novelists. She portrays our time with a strong sense of presence and it is easy for the readers to recognize themselves in our time. In Let Me Just Fix Something in the Kitchen (Jag ska bara fixa en grej i köket) we meet the single mother Ingrid. Ingrid drinks wine, too much wine. She tries to hide her addiction but it is not easy to keep control when the world seems to be against you. Moa Herngren has written an incredibly realistic novel about a woman who seems to drink her life away without hesitation. It is painful, but yet exciting – and unfortunately a raw reality for many. Read more here...


Viveca Lärn – The True Story About Saltön (Wahlström & Widstrand)

The series about Saltön is one of our times biggest Swedish success stories. The mixed, charming and somehow ragged inhabitants from the southwest island are loved by hundreds of thousands of readers and TV-viewers. The True Story About Saltön (Sanningen om Saltön) is Viveca Lärn’s very personal story about how the books, the people and the TV-series came about. An irresistible mixture of personal retrospect and reasoning around how she created the characters and their lives. Read more here...


News in short

Two good news about Karin Wahlberg. Her latest crime success The Death of Carpet Dealer Olsson (Matthandlare Olssons död) is now on the magazine Svensk Bokhandel’s top list for the third month in a row. In addition to that, an interactive crime novel by her (The Pier/Bryggan) is launched all over Sweden in a big campaign organized by the search company


Recent international releases


Words from the agent

In Sweden, just like in many other countries, we have an ongoing discussion about whether to allow people to use Facebook during work hours or not. We don’t know what the policy is at your work place, but one thing we do know – Facebook is an exciting and all the more important channel for contact between people regardless of if they are colleagues or friends. Facebook is a place for all types of relations and you can decide the level of your commitment yourself.


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