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Grand News # March II, 2012


Grand Agency presents news from Scandinavia


Anna Jansson – When Beauty Came to Town (Norstedts)

A girl is reported missing without a trace in the midst of the annual Medieval Festival in Visby. She has previously participated in a secret theater company’s role playing games at S:t Clemens ruin, their private stage at night. The play is based on a fantasy of what might have been the destiny of a mysterious couple, a young woman and an elderly man, who were found in a grave from the 12oo century. Buried in a grave for wealthy people, but dressed in rags? They were brutally murdered, butchered in their sleep. History repeats itself at the theater. As an initiation rite, sixteen-year-old Malva, must spend a night in the grave and make it out of there by her own efforts. And now she is gone …

More about Anna Janssons’s book here…


Lotta Lundberg – The Island (Natur & Kultur)

The Island was just released and the critics are overwhelmed. The novel is based on the author Lotta Lundberg’s thoughts 0n the events that took place on the island of Pitcairn in the Pacific Ocean, home of the Bounty mutineers and a remnant of British colonial rule. UK Prime Minister Tony Blair sent a delegation to uncover the truth behind allegations of sexual abuse, reported by tourists. The Island tells the story of Olivia from Sweden who has fallen in love not only with the island but with Taip, its local leader. She has worked for twenty years as a doctor at the island’s clinic and become part of its culture. Then out of the blue there is the British visit. And everything changes. For a couple of sweltering months everyone’s preconceptions of freedom, sexuality and guilt are turned upside down.  The Island is so exciting you can call it a sociological thriller. An ironic as well as an insightful depiction of how different culture’s moral rules and thinking clash. Read more here ...


Recent international releases

Iceland: Ernestam – Always with you

Korea: Klingberg – The Overflowing Brain

Lithuania: Henrik Fexeus – Everyone Gets Some

The Netherlands : Alsterdal – Women on the Beach

Poland: Lantz i Polen – Whatever Happened to That Sweet Little Girl

Russia: Jansson – The Silver Crown


Word from the agent


Spring feelings flourish and at the agency the pulse is high on all the spring book releases, fairs and travels. Grand Agency is proud of our rapid growth and we continue to focus on the construction of authorship, the agency's development and of course, to reach a wide audience in Sweden and internationally. A special tribute to our great co agents who contribute to the international success in a fantastic way. We want to do the best job for all of our collaborators - writers, publishers, co agents, scouts, translators, readers, exhibition organizers, retailers and media. We hope you already sense that and we just want to say thank you to those who contributed to the success. Spring is here – out and enjoy the light and the warmth!


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