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Grand News, #March 2012

Grand Agency presents news from Scandinavia

Children and YA titles


Sara B. Elfgren and Mats Strandberg – Fire (Rabén & Sjögren)

The wait has been long for readers and fans. And the countdown is in progress on web pages, Facebook, and blogs. In April, it's finally time for the Fire, part two of the acclaimed Engelsfors trilogy.


The chosen ones are about to begin their second year of high school. The entire summer vacation they have held their breath waiting for the demons’ next move. And then the threat appears from where they never could have foreseen. It is obvious that something is very, very wrong in Engelsfors. The past is woven together with the present. The living meets the dead. The chosen ones are tied closer and closer to each other while they are reminded once again that magic cannot relieve unhappy love or mend broken hearts. This is modern fantasy for young adults and adults with young hearts. More about Fire here …


Lina Forss – Faith, Hope or Charity? (Bonnier Carlsen)

Sometimes it feels as though Lina Forss and Timmy is the same person. The author just knows Timmy so well. The second part in the breathtaking series about Timmy, her family and her lovelife is just as captivating as the first.


The first thing she sees is his slim hips, and she’s hooked, can’t stop thinking about him. 17-year-old Timmy’s London life has been turned upside down, and mom and Örjan are separating. Caesar, Timmy’s worthless father, suddenly wants to take responsibility and help out. And then Timmy meets Liam, who is 25 years old, tall and charming, and absolutely perfect. But who is he, really? And what does he want with Timmy? As the relationship deepens and the attraction grows Timmy slips further and further away from their ordinary lives and their closest friends. And what do you do when your head says no but your body just screams yes? Read more…


Recent international releases, children and YA titles

Finland: Bergmark Elfgren/Strandberg – The Circle

The Faroe Islands : Bergmark Elfgren/Strandberg – The Circle

Norway: Jägerfeld – Here I Lie, Bleeding on the Floor

Poland: Bergmark Elfgren/Strandberg – The Circle

Russia: Bergmark Elfgren/Strandberg – The Circle

UK: Bergmark Elfgren/Strandberg – The Circle


Word from the agent

Only the very best! That's what you will find on the children and teenage list at Grand Agency. We concentrate on youth books, YA, and crossover, but we also have a number of selected chapter books, that are internationally interesting, for smaller children. Turn to me, Lotta Jämtsved Millberg, with all your requests and questions concerning children and young adults. We will meet at the fairs in the future. In our first newsletter specializing in children and young adults, we are proud to present two extra ordinary titles. Lina Forss, our Swedish Gossip Girl-author releases the second book about Timotej. And Fire the sequel to The Circle, which has been a complete knock out - on both readers, media and book professionals worldwide!


See you all in Bologna.

Lotta Jämtsved Millberg and Grand Agency

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