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Grand News #March 2013


Grand Agency presents news from Scandinavia


Marianne Cedervall –  Stormbird (Natur & Kultur)

Love is blind. For some it is just an expression, but someone who really drowns in the consequences of love's blinding force is Hervor. She, who normally stands strong and unmoved, just like the north Swedish pines do, when storms of emotions strike down, is completely lost, led into a dangerous trap by two just too treacherous blue eyes. Eyes that have something familiar? Stormbird, the fourth book in the popular series with the inseparable friends, Doctor Mirjam and the outspoken modern witch Hervor, delivers both laughter and tears and a lot of problems for the two ladies to solve. This time they move from Sweden’s northern forests to Manhattan and the fashionable district of the Upper East Side. A change of scenery that becomes a challenge both for them and for everything that gets in their way. Read more …


Maria Ernestam – The Cat, my Neighbors and I

(Pocketförlaget/Sweden and Btb/Germany)

Who is your neighbor? To not feel comfortable around your neighbors is a rather scary feeling. But to first think your neighbors are really swell and then find them being the opposite is even scarier. In The Cat, my Neighbors and I Sara and Björn fulfill their dream, they finally buy and move to a charming house in the countryside.  Moving with them towards this new freedom is their loved cat Mishka. Sadly enough Mishka doesn’t share her humans’ joy in moving because in the house next to theirs, the cat Alexander lives and rules. He has no room for another cat in his territory. The cat’s fight leads to huge problems and is just the beginning of a series of unfortunate happenings. And the new neighbors Lars and Agneta, who are they really? One moment they invite Sara and Björn to dinner and the next moment they seem as unfriendly as their evil cat? A charming and suspenseful story, 128 pages and with cat illustrations. Read more ….


Åsa Hellberg – Sonja’s Last Will  (Bra Böcker)

Sonja's Last Will is right in every way – a lovely, romantic comedy that leads to both laughter and tears, a real emotional pageturner. Sonja Gustavsson has three dear friends, Rebecka, Maggan and Susanne, who believed that she shared everything with them. But when Sonja suddenly dies they realize she has not been entirely honest. Sonja leaves a will behind that reveals that she was extremely wealthy and now her friends could inherit it all, but only if they fulfill her wishes. Sonja knew her friends weaknesses and soft spots, she knew what they needed to change to get the lives they deserve. It's no easy tasks she gives them – are they willing to take the challenges? Will they follow Sonja's last wish? Read more …


Recent international releases

Finland, Atena: Marianne Cedervall – Black winter

Italy, Ed Nord: Rolf & Cilla Börjlind – The Spring Tide

Norway, Gyldendal: Rolf & Cilla Börjlind – The Spring Tide


Words from the agent


This will be the year the Women’s lists will bloom! During this last year we have met many publishers with the same intention, to start a Women’s list. We are all aware of the fact that women buy more books than men do. To stay steady on a market that has gone through some very quick changes something reliable is needed. A Women’s list could give some stability to the business and some that already has set off doing this, has gained success, like for example the small but quickly growing publishing house Silke in Norway with a clear message of publishing books for women.


Åsa Hellberg, Maria Ernestam and Marianne Cedervall presented in this newsletter would all fit into a Women’s list very well. Take a look, their time is now!


/Maria Enberg and Grand Agency


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