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Grand News # May, 2010


Grand Agency presents news from Scandinavia


Åsa Lantz – Whatever Happened to That Sweet Little Girl (Albert Bonniers)

Finally it is here, Åsa Lantz’s magnificent literary thriller about human trafficking, revenge and love, which is already sold to a number of countries. In the first book of the planned trilogy, the young and mysterious documentary film maker Yi Yong, plans to reveal her personal story of when she as a child was sent from her poor family in China to Sweden.  The charismatic Viggo Sjöström, script writer and director at the Gothenburg Theatre reluctantly becomes her ally. It turns into a thrilling, dazing and somewhat indignant journey. A pure reading pleasure of a different kind. Read more here …


Amanda Lind – The Gospel According to Francy (Damm)

We are proud to present a new type of entertainment literature, like an unleashed mix of Tarantino and Sopranos. Amanda Lind is a pseudonym for a recognized literary Swedish author, who now wants to make a new move in her authorship. With this first book The Gospel According to Francy, in the series Sthlm Red, she introduces her female mafia boss Francy. It is brutal, twisted and leaves no one unaffected. If you are a young woman who has just become a mother and is about to take over a threatened mafia syndicate, you have to be made of steel. But Francy, is she? Read more here …


Markus Lutteman – Surviving One’s Saviours (Norstedts)

Surviving One’s Saviours is based on a true story about an adoptive child’s struggle for an identity she can call her own. It also deals with society’s swing in opinion in the way to look at adoptions and about two women’s untiring ambition to reunite. Despite the fact that twelve year old Ester is assaulted by her teenage foster brothers the adults around her don’t seem to care about her needs and happiness. Ester has to see to her own safety and against all odds she manages to build up a self esteem which keeps her alive. Journalist Markus Lutteman has previously written the true crime story El Choco which sold in 130 00 copies in Sweden. Read more here …


Birgitta Stenberg –Fires and Ice (Norstedts)

Birgitta Stenberg is one of Sweden’s most loved authors. Fires and Ice is an extraordinary novel with many female portraits. The reader is taken on a journey through time and meets Birgitta’s grandmother Alma and her mother Ingeborg, who both break the taboos of their time, a pattern Birgitta later repeats in her life. This is a collection of very intense, erratic and courageous and modern women, constantly seeking love. The longing runs like a red thread through the whole story. To top it off, when Birgitta was almost ready writing the story she got a letter which turned everything  up-side-down once more … Read more here …


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Words from the agent

Today I will be very brief. I will only express a very clear advice. Today we present four fantastic books within completely different genres – take a good look at them! It could pay off.


Best regards from Maria Enberg and Grand Agency


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