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Grand News #May, 2011

Grand Agency presents news from Scandinavia


Sara B. Elfgren and Mats Strandberg  – The Circle (Rabén & Sjögren)

The Circle by Sara B. Elfgren and Mats Strandberg is a great hit. Already sold to a number of countries, an instant sales success in Sweden and reviews beyond the ordinary. The authors are touring Swedish media moving from one TV- and radio studio, magazine photo sessions and news rooms to another.


The autumn semester has just started when a student is found dead in one of the lavatories at Engelsfors’ high school. Everyone suspects suicide. Everyone except the ones who know the truth. Six girls, who have nothing in common, discover they are hunted by evil. And according to an ancient prophecy they are witches, they are “The Chosen Ones”, the ones that have to defeat evil. They have to work together despite their differences, because something is hunting them and if they don’t find it and defeat it, it will find them. From this day on, high school is a matter of life and death, literally. Read more about The Circle here ...


Lina Forss – In Love with Love (Bonnier Carlsen)

With her successful authorship in her luggage, Lina Forss debuts in writing for young adult with a page-turner that carries promises about romance and big city life! Timotej’s stepfather decides the family is moving to London. A dream come true for many, but for Timmy existence won’t be just a rose garden. At school it isn’t easy to fit right into a group of friends or to learn in who she can confide. And in the small apartment in modish Chelsea, she dwells, rejoices and grieves love.  Because this is how it is: Timmy falls in love. All the time. But is she really in love? Or is she simply in love with love? Read more about Lina Forss’ new book here…


Inger Frimansson  – Ride on Golden (Bonnier Carlsen)
When Inger Frimansson starts her new series the two girls Eufrosyne and Ingeborg are the main characters. When Ingeborg starts in Eufrosyne’s class, they instantly become friends. They are both crazy about horses and they both have very unusual names. So, what do you do with names like theirs? Well, you start a club: The Club for unusual names! Together they are strong and brave, both at the stable and in school. Bojan rides her own horse, Golden Angel. Frossan is in the beginner’s group, but would so much like to ride Golden together with Bojan. But will Bojan want to be her friend if she tells her she is a beginner? Can she tell her? Read more about Ride on Golden here…


Anna Jansson – Forbidden Garbage (Rabén & Sjögren)

Crime queen Anna Jansson releases a new title in her series for early readers. Her puzzle crimes for children take place in the middle of the idyllic Gotland, and Emil Wern – Maria Wern’s son – is the detective. InForbidden Garbage Emil Wern has to solve a new crime when someone is filling up other peoples garbage cans. In Visby, the garbage collection fee is based on the weight you put in the garbage can, so this becomes expensive. A case for detective Emil who soon is onto a dirty business! Read more about Forbidden Garbage here…


Recent international releases

Iceland: Kajsa Ingemarsson – Simply Water

Italy: Lars Rambe – Shadows

Japan: Inger Frimansson – Good Night My Darling

Norway: Henrik Fexeus – When You Do What I Want You To

Norway: Håkan Östlundh – To Catch an Angel


Words from the agent


Writing for children and teenagers is, in contradiction to what one may think, really hard. The young readers are both picky and hard to enchant. Besides, they are communication experts themselves from their intense exchange of messages on internet and via cell phones. To succeed in this genre you have to be cutting edge. We have some of Sweden’s sharpest writers on our list, therefore our new start of a children-, teenager- and YA section has had a flying start. The Circle by Sara B. Elfgren and Mats Strandberg is the first example and the six teenage girls with witch powers have knocked publishers in a number of countries and the right sales of the series moves over the world like a storm wind.


In this news letter we present four hot titles within the children- and teenage genre. They are all characterized by their high quality, for taking their readers seriously and for their entertaining and good stories. When these components interact, no reader is too old or too young.


Best wishes, 

Maria Enberg and Grand Agency


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