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Grand News # May II, 2012


Grand Agency presents news from Scandinavia


Lina Forss – Sister Dearest, Wicked Nice (Telegram Förlag)

Lina Forss is a brave novelist. She twists and turns her characters and the intricate stories are full of wonderful descriptions that are simultaneously dead serious and funny. In Sister Dearest, Wicked Nice, she takes on a great drama. Because, what happens when the king falls ill and the kingdom shall be divided between the four sisters? The King in this story is named Kurt Leander and his kingdom is the big company, the firm. Like King Lear, he explains that the daughter who loves him the most will take over the firm, the big clothing company with stores all over the world. A ruthless fight breaks out. But it shall never be seen outwardly. Everything must be kept within the family. No one is untouched when reading Lina Forss.


Varg Gyllander – No Land Is Ever The Same (Massolit)

With the fourth book in his series Varg Gyllander takes a new approach when he allows the victim to turn up in an archaeological site. However, forensic scientists Ulf Holtz immediately sees that the bones are too young to belong in a Viking grave. So, who is the female victim, or rather, who did she use to be? Once again Varg Gyllander manages the skillful balance between a detective storiy and a novel. The pages almost turn by themselves when reading and the relationship to the characters deepens for each chapter. And the critics seem united, Varg Gyllander just gets better and better. Read more …


Recent international releases

France, Actes Sud: Tove Alsterdal – Women on the Beach

Korea, Tis Map Publishing: Henrik Fexeus – The Art of Reading Minds

The Netherlands, van Kleveren: Varg Gyllander – Some Lines Brake

Norway, Aschehoug: Jenny Jägerfeld – Here I Lie, Bleeding on the Floor


Word from the agent


We don’t get around without love. When meeting with our contacts from all over the world, we listen to so many different wishes of what should be the perfect books for their very different lists. But whatever the genre might be, with the small exception of some very fact oriented non-fiction books, the word love or strong relations (meaning love) should be a part of the story. This goes for almost all types of books, the YA, the children books, the rich novels, the thrillers, the horse books, the fantasy books and the fiction drama and so on. It is no trend, it has always been there, but today it is more clearly outspoken as a very precise wish.


Working with books is also a sort of a love affair. My colleagues who formally worked in the PR and communication business very soon realized after starting the agency that working with books as a merchandise is special, because in this business everyone loves the product.


Love to you all!


Maria Enberg and Grand Agency


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