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Grand News #May, 2012


Grand Agency presents news from Scandinavia


Henrik Fexeus – Better Social Skills

Bestselling author Henrik Fexeus is back with a new book and a new toolbox. And this time it’s a quick fix! Better Social Skills is the book where Henry Fexeus gives you the most effective gears that you need to become a social genius. How do you become someone who other people remember, listen attentively to and whom other have confidence in? With his usual mix of humor and solemnity Henrik Fexeus presents techniques and approaches that will work for everyone. Read more …


Elizabeth Gummesson – Free From Perfectionism


Elizabeth Gummesson knows what she is talking about . In Free From Perfectionism the former super perfectionist, acclaimed speaker and coach, gives you the hints and tips you need to improve your self-esteem and self-respect. By achieving distance to your own performance you become a winner in real life. And as always, Elizabeth deals with these delicate issues with a gentle hand and true and serious engagement. Read more ….


Hans-Olov Öberg – A Strange Tale (Kalla Kulor)

The tale of EST has everything that the cliché-ridden music biographies lack. A Strange Tale is the in-depth story of one of the world's most successful rock acts in jazz - the Swedish phenomena EST - a highly personal tale of two guys from the small brass works village of Skultuna and one from Östersund who together developed the impossibly un-hip concept of the piano jazz trio into a major global success. Read about the band that was the first jazz band ever to perform at the largest of Sweden's pop festivals The Hultsfred Festival. The goal was, however set (with the characteristic trio humor) to become the first jazz trio on the Moon. A strange tale is a beautiful story with a tragic end. The message is that nothing is impossible! (It might require some hard work to make it though.) Read more ...


Recent international releases

Denmark, Mrs Robinson: Tove Alsterdal – Tomb of Silence

Denmark, Lindhardt og Ringhof : Håkan Östlundh – The Intruder

France, Editions çà et là: Strindberg For People in a Hurry

Italy, Newton Compton: Lars Rambe Shadows

Latvia, Zvaigzne: Henrik Fexeus – The Art of Reading Minds

Poland, Czarna Owka: Sara B Elfgren & Mats Strandberg – The Circle

Germany, S Fischer Verlag: Kajsa Ingemarsson – Somewhere Within Us


Word from the agent


We all want to develop into a better person. But do we really have time to attend a class, visit a coach or read long books on how to become healtier, more efficient or increase our social skills? And even when we have set ourselves out to change, why is it so hard to keep up with our own expectations? Now you can change your life during the flight between Berlin and Paris, or while you wait for the late evening news. In the series In An Hour, some of Sweden's absolute best non-fiction writers have summarized the best tips from their fields. And each book takes no more than one hour to read. Another way to develop is to stop now and then and do something different from the normal drill. Listen to music or take a long walk. But as we are all bookworms, why not read a book about a group who really captured the moment with art? The biography of the pop band who was a jazz trio, EST, is a unique record of a group that had something extraordinary, and whose music has reached deep into people’s hearts all over the world.


Have a nice improvement everyone!


Lena Stjernström and Grand Agency


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