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Grand News # Nov, 2009


Grand Agency proudly presents three new books that right now make success in Sweden:


Henrik Fexeus – Everyone Gets Lucky (Forum)

This book provides both men and women with the necessary tools to succeed in the tickling social game called flirting. The mind reader and manipulator Henrik Fexeus shares 170 practical tips. But please do not think this is a book on worn out pick-up phrases and courting tricks. The big secret is rather the approach and attitude. Long-term. And once you have learned this, your abilities will outscore any fake body parts or gym achievements. When Everyone Gets Lucky recently was released in Sweden the interest from media was enormous. One thing is for sure – everyone wants to get lucky. Now everyone gets the chance to. Read more about the book here ...


Katerina Janouch – Swedish Women's Secret Sexual Fantasies (Xstory)

What about the Swedish sin? Are Swedish women more liberated than their sisters in other countries? And their secret fantasies, what are they about? The author and relationship expert Katerina Janouch decided to find out. Through an anonymous hotmail-account she gave Swedish women of all ages, from all social settings, an opportunity to reveal what turns them on – straight forward without excuses. The result is around a hundred stories which put together reveal a secret life of today. It's inspiring, arousing and surprising. And it's no surprise that the media interest for the book is everything but secret. Read more about the book here ...


Karin Wahlberg – The Death of Carpet Dealer Olsson (Wahlström & Widstrand)

The brutal murder on a Swedish carpet salesman on a business trip to Turkey is the start of this intriguing story. The mystery revolves around an unknown daughter, an exclusive carpet and everyday life of the people in the story. The death of Carpet Dealer Olsson is the seventh book about Police Commissioner Claes Claesson and his wife Veronika Lundborg, doctor at Oskarshamn hospital. And now, over to some good figures: Karin Wahlberg has sold 1 280 000 books in Sweden. The Comforter, the previous book in the series, has until now sold in fantastically 220 000 copies and The Death of Carpet Dealer Olsson looks like it will be an ever bigger success. Read more about the book here ...


Words from the agent

Sin or shame? Liberation or rules? Sadness or euphoria? We all know that the coin has two sides. We, the people of the north know this for sure. Each year we're torn between the gentle midnight sun in the summer and the freezing darkness in the winter. The diversity, a happy model society on one hand and a country characterized by order and regulations on the other, has shaped our mentality. No wonder the Scandinavian books show traces of this constant meeting between happiness and sorrow.


Do you want to know more about the “lightdark” Scandinavia? Pick a crime story, a novel, a self help book or maybe some sexual fantasies from the rich flora of Grand Agency’s authors.


Best regards from Lena Stjernström and Grand Agency


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