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Newsletter #November, 2010


Grand Agency presents news from Scandinavia


Thomas Sjöberg – Carl XVI Gustaf– The Reluctant Monarch (Lind & Co)

King Carl XVI Gustaf has been in the centre of publicity all his life. No other person in Sweden has had as much attention or been as acclaimed and honored as him. But who is the King really? What kind of person is he and how do people around him look upon him?


Through conversations with people who have been close to him, the reader gets a new picture of the Swedish Head of State. For many years the author has interviewed old classmates and teachers, friends and officers from the military service, body guards and people employed at the Royal Court. For the first time for most of them, they tell their stories about an ordinary man and a reluctant monarch.


The book throws light on unknown sides of the King. Sides the King and the people surrounding him have spent years to hide. Read more here …


Words from the Agent


Carl XVI Gustaf– The Reluctant Monarch is a watershed in the Swedish history of biographies. When the book was released last week by Lind & Co the first edition of 20000 books sold out in two days. In the national newspapers, in talk shows and radio programs, at work places, in the sub way and at the dinner tables, everywhere Swedes talk about “The King book”. Everybody have an opinion, and feelings are surging.


Is it true that the King has partied at low-life restaurants where “coffee girls” have been delivered to men in the party? Nor the King or his friends have denied the information. Is it correct to write a book about the King’s private life? More and more people answer yes to that question, since anything a monarch does, no matter time of day, is relevant for the office he is representing. When the King’s actions contradict with his own Royal motto, “For Sweden – With the times”, well then it has to be reviewed even if it means the end of media’s submissiveness toward the Royal family. The King himself does not answer any questions. Does this approach really hold up in a modern media society?


The international interest for The Reluctant Monarch is big.  A number of foreign newspapers and news sites are paying attention to it. Requests and offers on the rights are streaming in from all over the world.


Get your own opinion about the most debated, disputed, and requested book in Sweden right now and read Carl XVI Gustaf– The Reluctant Monarch.


Best regards from Lena Stjernström and Grand Agency.


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