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August Prize winner 2011 Elisabeth Åsbrink


















Grand News #November, 2011


Grand Agency presents our August Prize winning book 2011 And In Wienerwald the Trees Still Remain


Yesterday Elisabeth Åsbrink’sbook And In Wienerwald The Trees Still Remain was rewarded with The August Prize 2011 in the category for nonfiction books. In many reviews, the book about the Jewish boy Otto who was sent to Sweden to be saved from the war, has been called a masterpiece. The letters sent from Otto’s parents are the backbone of the book. It’s also a story about a boy who finds his place in Sweden, where he also becomes best friend with the young Ingvar Kamprad, in turn, engaged in the Swedish Nazi friendly movement. Elisabeth Åsbrink’s extensive research, combined with her exquisite narrative technique depictures Sweden and Europe in a way it has rarely been portrayed. As one reads, the similarities between the racial prejudice of the forties and the xenophobia today become clear. The book is simply a very important piece of our shared history.


The August Prize jury:

"From a treasure of unanswered letters the author extracts multiple perspectives on our history and society. The book makes the reader seek the answers to what is right and wrong in a story that touches the reader."


Elisabeth Åsbrink:

"I wrote the book for Otto, for the Ullman family, for my father and for the sake of all the silenced voices. I am glad, no, I am overwhelmed, that it is interesting for so many people. And I am very proud it received the August Prize."


Richard Herold, publisher at Natur & Kultur:

"From the very start, we knew this was a unique and fantastic book. Now we have proof. The August Prize is the most important Swedish literary prize, both because it rewards the best book and because it’s a prize that the book sellers pay a lot of attention to. We can count on that this will be one of this year’s big best sellers."


Rights sold

Danmark: People’s Press

Estland: Sinisukk

Nederländerna: Querido

Norge: Spartacus

Polen: Wydawnictwo Czarnes

Sverige: Natur & Kultur


Congratulations to Elisabeth Åsbrink from Grand Agency.


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Photo: Anders Onerup