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Grand News, November II 2012


Grand Agency presents news from Scandinavia

Petrus Dahlin & Lars Johansson – Shadow (Rabén & Sjögren)

In The World of Voodoo excitement, mystery, revenge, love and pathos are the crucial elements. When two computer playing teenagers from Stockholm meet Shadow, a teenage girl on the run from a thousand year old West African conflict, an unexpectedly and strong friendship arises. The three teenagers are total opposites, but very rapidly their friendship grows so strong that they are willing to do anything to help each other. Regardless of the price.


The World of Voodoo, is a new sizzling series for teenagers and young adults in which Shadow  is the first book. The brave youngsters will come back in adventures that take place in Sweden, Europe and Africa.  There will be no rest. The atmosphere is dense, the pace fast, and the emotions are charged. The characters are drawn with great care and credibility. Read more ...


Recent international releases

Denmark, People’s Press: Karin Wahlberg – The Girl Selling Flowers Door to Door

Czech Republic: Baronet a.s, Håkan Östlundh – Seaweed

France, Editions Toucan, Anna Jansson, The Silver Crown

Iceland, Bjartur, Sara B. Elfgren & Mats Strandberg – The Circle

Italy, A Salani, Sara B. Elfgren & Mats Strandberg –The Circle

Italy, Guanda, Pontus Ljunghill – An Invisible

Italy, Newton Compton, Anna Jansson - All the Tranquil Dead 

Italy, Newton Compton, Anna Jansson - The Speechless God

Poland, ´Swiat Książki: Wahlberg – The Block

USA, Oxford University Press, Torkel Klingberg – The Learning Brain


The festival of Nordic art and literature, Les Boréales

Several Grand Agency authors participate in The festival of Nordic art and literature, Les Boréales de Normandie. Tove Alsterdal, Maria Ernestam, Inger Frimansson and Anna Jansson are all invited to take part.

The festival, which first started in 1992, mainly takes place in Caen in Normandy, yearly in November, inviting the French audience to discover the Nordic culture. During one or two weeks, it presents exhibitions, concerts, films, dance and theatre shows, and invites around 40 Nordic and French authors. The latter takes part in debates, dialogues, cross-readings or performances during a literary weekend in Caen. Some of them can also meet the audience in other towns and places like libraries, schools, bookshops and as for Maria Ernestam, she made a visit in a prison where she met a very well prepared audience with many interesting questions!

Read mor here


Support and Grants from The Swedish Arts Council

As a publisher of Swedish literature you are entitle to apply for different grants from The Swedish Arts Council. One is called Support scheme for Swedish literature in translation and enables you to apply for a grant to cover parts of your translation costs. The support scheme applies both to fiction for children and adults and to non-fiction. One condition is that the translation must be done directly from Swedish rather than via any third language.


The other one is called Support for Swedish literary projects abroad and aims at literary events supporting Swedish literature in your country. In other words, you may receive support to launch the book you are about to release.


There are several deadline dates for these supports every year and you find all the information and application forms at


Don’t miss this chance to strengthen your possibilities to publish Swedish literature!


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