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Grand News # Oct, 2008


News in short

  • Breidablick Film buys film option on Maria Ernestam’s Caipirinha With Death (Caipirinha med Döden).
  • Two new TV-scripts by Åsa Lantz this autumn. In November the TV-series Åkalla opens on SVT (Swedish Public Service TV) and over the December Holidays her Selma Lagerlöf-series will première on SVT.
  • The SVT talk show Carin 21.30 will have a number of Grand authors visiting this autumn. Bob Hansson will be there on October 15, Lina Forss on November 5 and Maria Ernestam on December 17.
  • Kajsa Ingemarsson is the new host of the very popular Snacka om nyheter (Swedish version of the British Have I got News for You)


When You Do What I Want You To - by Henrik Fexeus

When You Do What I Want You To (När du gör som jag vill) is an eye opener on how there is a war going on over your brain. The book is written by the psychological manipulator and mind reader Henrik Fexeus. When You Do What I Want You To was released in Sweden in early October.


Henrik Fexeus, why should we read your new book?

”The book is a warning. It sounds dramatic and maybe it is, but it is also very fun and exciting. This book explains in which way we are daily exposed to influences. I believe the best way to protect oneself is to know about it. And I also explain how it is done. But, for the one who wants to, it can also be read as a manual in performing influence. So, get ahead and read the book. Your boss/wife/husband or the good looking hunk/chick in the bar has probably already read it.”


Recently you were asked by the Finish newspaper Helsinki Sanomat to analyze Finish politicians’ TV-performances. How did it go – you don’t know a word of Finish?

”It went really well. I identified which ones were in opposition, their personalities, which political party they belonged to, and which ones had many children! Words are important, but if you do not have words (as for me in this case) you get very far without them. We supply more than we think with body language and facial expressions – especially when we, like politicians want to, try to affect and influence others.”


Your last book The Art of Reading Minds (Konsten att läsa tankar), is selling in large numbers in Sweden and has also been sold to many other countries. What are the reactions you get?

”Only positive reactions. I continually get communication from teachers, CEOs, negotiators and private persons which all tell me how the techniques in the book completely have changed their situation at work or in the private sphere. The only problem I guess is that everybody wants to read the book, but they also want to keep the secrets to themselves. I think it will be even more of that reaction with this new book. So again –read it before anyone else does!”


Facts on Henrik Fexeus

  • Program host for the popular TV-series Brainstorm (Hjärnstorm), going into its 2nd season
  • His previous book, The Art of Reading Minds, is sold to Denmark, The Faroe Islands, Finland, Germany, Norway and Sweden.


Love – Damn it, How do You do It? – new book by Bob Hansson

In this book Bob Hansson interviews ten persons with different backgrounds – from a former arch bishop to an honored pop star.


Bob Hansson:

”I think it turned out to be a book for those who know that love is simple, but twosomeness is tricky. For those who only meant to love a little – but who find themselves shouting ugly words at the kitchen counter all of a sudden. A book that wants to be a tribute to all those who right in the middle of the parquet floor and flower vases have let someone down, or been let down – but who against all odds want to say YES again. For when it comes to love I don’t really know how to do, so I asked. Not to find theories, but to find experiences. Love, how do people do?”


Words from the agent

In the IRC at the Göteborg Book Fair this year, there was bubbling curiosity for the Scandinavian literature. Therefore it is extra exiting to hear that the Swedish Arts Council and the Göteborg Book Fair will make it easier for foreign publishers who have previously never visited the fair to do so. Next year there will be a 100 000 SEK fund for travel grants for publishers from outside of Scandinavia. Congratulations to the Swedish Arts Council and the Göteborg Book Fair for an excellent initiative.


Something unique about the world of literature is that all of us who work here love our product. It doesn’t matter if you talk to an author, a book store employee, a publisher or a cover designer –all are dedicated book lovers who are ready to do everything for the book and the books success. We join this tribute and hope that you will find your special favorite on Grand Agency’s web side. Welcome to the best of worlds, the world of books!


Warm wishes,

Lena Stjernström


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