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Grand News #October, 2010


Grand Agency presents news from Scandinavia


Katerina Janouch – New Supermama (Piratförlaget)

New Supermama is the complete guide for the modern family and includes everything you need to know as a parent. A practical but also entertaining handbook on the exciting journey of parenthood. Not only does it give you good advice but will also cheer you up in times of need.

It deals with everything from the first years when changing diapers and treating child illnesses to the years of school start and teenage revolt – and the time in a far future when it is time for your child to move away from home. This new issue contains both updated and processed material as well as brand new texts. Read more about New Supermama here …


Henrik Lange – Freaking Fatherhood (Kartago)

The first thing that dies in a war and when you have your first child is the truth. But here, in the middle of the battle field called “becoming a father” it is resurrected. In Dad, so darn much we follow a young strong man from the moment he finds out he is to become a father until 9 years later when we meet him as a wrung-out-dishcloth father-of-three. On the journey we learn about the people you run into as a father, from strange doctors to old ladies pinching your cheeks. We learn how friends will behave and we get valuable hints for the upcoming parent meetings you have to withstand and how to tolerate other fathers and their children. Even the secret why parents of small children send Christmas cards of their little ones is revealed. Henrik Lange’s illustrations on each page. Read more here …


Katerina Janouch – Swedish Women's Secret Sexual Adventures (XStory)

Once again Katerina Janouch has given Swedish women an opportunity to reveal their secrets. But this time is it not their fantasies we are given insight to, but their actual sexual adventures. What secret rendezvous have they experienced, what fantastic adventures are they hiding? This is just as inspiring, arousing and surprising as last time but with the extra ingredient that this has really happened. Read more here …


Recent international releases


Words from the agent

In every country the top lists are inhabited by mostly domestic authors and the translated literature tends to decrease. Despite this, the request for Scandinavian authors continues to be high. According to Dagens Nyheter (Sweden’s largest daily newspaper) the sales figures for international sales last year increased with as much as 26 percent. We lift our hats for the foreign publishers and their great knowledge and skill that finds potential and makes successes with our Scandinavian authors.


The publishers around the world who read our authors’ books nowadays read scripts in pdf format. It has taken some time, but we are now ready to see the potential in an electronic file and the sales seems unaffected by the publishers’ and editor’s new reading method since the numbers keep going up. The e-reader has revolutionized the work for all those with experience of printing and carrying around large scripts, those who have fallen asleep in bed with an unpaged script and woken up the next day in a mess of read and unread parts. More and more of us are now ready to say it – we love our e-reader!


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