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Grand News # October, 2011


Grand Agency presents news from Scandinavia


Åsa Lantz – Our Man in Shanghai (Albert Bonniers)

Why do homeless men travel between Gothenburg and Shanghai? This is something that Viggo Sjöström, and his partner, the police officer Mario Tumm, tries to figure out. Who organizes these strange trips and why? Many people have tried to look into this, but everyone has given up. The homeless are scared and are not willing to reveal anything. The seventeen year old Sara, who is temporarily living with them, is not in a good mental state. On her 18th birthday she suddenly disappears.


Our Man In Shanghai is the second part in Åsa Lantz’ Genesis Trilogy. The heroes from Whatever Happened To That Sweet Little Girl reappear and we will also meet new strong characters. The stories depictures Gothenburg and Shanghai and a world where a human life doesn’t count any longer. A world where one can buy prosperity but where one person’s success always seem to cost for someone else.Will the good people be able to stop the inevitable catastrophe? Read more …


Johanna Nilsson – Please Go But Stay (Forum)

“I am underlining all the beautiful expressions, but now I have almost underlined the whole book!” That is what the Swedish publisher said when the script of Please Go But Stay reached her. The book is a standalone sequel to Johanna Nilsson’s acclaimed debuting novel She Walks Through the Frame and Out of the Picture (1996). Now we get to follow the grown Hanna, when she meets the love of her life, while she is sicker than ever before. Her crooked path through psychiatry continues. In the middle of it all, she becomes the stepmother of two small children. An incredible story about the power of love, and about the will of getting well with love as the driving force.


"You are so little", he said and measured around her body with his arms, when she was curled up on the bed. "But up there, it is large and burdensome." He pointed to her head. "I will help you heal. I promise. I will never leave you."

Read more …


Recent international releases

The Netherlands: Lars Rambe – The Clue on the Pier


Words from the agent


The book circles seem to experience a renaissance. In newspapers, on blogs, among friends, everywhere people are talking about their reading groups and everybody has their idea of the ideal way to meet around literature. Some circles read classics, others plow through nonfiction, some make it a point to read all the crime novels of the season and still others are devoted to women’s fiction, up market or commercial. Or both. The gourmets meet over eccentrically cooked dinners, those who have an early morning the day after drink coffee at the meetings, the poseurs have their regular table in a chic restaurant where the wine is flowing and the literature references are loudly expressed. A friend of mine meets his international book club on Skype. My own book circle consists of a group of Stockholm women that arrives a few minutes late to every encounter. We usually read the book the night before we meet and the wine and snacks are purchased on the way to the meeting. We call ourselves Kerstin Thorvall Book Club and we only read books that we think Kerstin liked us to read. In other words, it can be anything, and the discussions are always lively. When the brain and the heart sets off, when emotions are intense, that’s when literature is at its’ best. If you are not already a member of a book circle, call a few friends and start one. You will not regret it.


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Lena Stjernström and Grand Agency.

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