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Grand News # October II, 2011


Grand Agency presents our August Prize nominees 2011


Elisabeth Åsbrink – And in Wienerwald the Trees Still Remain (Natur & Kultur)

When Elisabeth Åsbrink’s And In Wienerwald The Trees Still Remain was released in September it went straight up to the top of the prestigious critic’s list in Dagens Nyheter, Sweden’s leading newspaper. And it has been on the list since then. This master piece, to quote some of the critics, is most touching and very important. The letters to the Jewish boy Otto, sent to Sweden by his parents in order to save him from the war, the story of how Otto adjust in Sweden and becomes best friend with Ingvar Kamprad, who was at the same time engaged in the Swedish Nazi friendly organization. It’s all pieces of European history that has seldom before been told. And in Wienerwald the Trees Still Remain is already sold to Denmark, Estonia and Norway. Read more about the title …


Sara Bergmark Elfgren and Mats Strandberg – The Circle (Rabén & Sjögren)

The Circle, the first part in The Engelsfors Trilogy, has already sold over 25000 copies in Sweden and the rights have been sold to 21 countries. Critics, readers, bloggers and all the followers at Facebook all agree, The Circle is a fantastic book. Six girls, sixteen years old, suddenly realizes that they have been chosen to defeat evilness. In order to do this they need, not only to get to know and understand each other, they also need to cooperate, and it would be preferable if they also like each other. The challenges make them grow, but time is running out. The apocalypse is closing in. While the readers are devouring the book Filmlance, which acquired the film rights are working on the script and casting for The Circle movie. Read more about the title …



Words from the agent


The Swedish Publishers’ Association is the founder of the August Prize, an annual book prize awarded in three categories: The best Swedish book of fiction of the year, the best Swedish book of non-fiction of the year, and the best Swedish children’s book of the year. Six titles are nominated in each category and the jury with book sellers, librarians and literary critics, choose the winners. The prize gala takes place on November 21st. Grand Agency are proud to have two books nominated to this year’s edition of The August Prize and we wish Elisabeth Åsbrink, Sara B. Elfgren and Mats Strandberg a big and warm good luck.


We also want to take the opportunity to thank you all for good meetings in Gothenburg and Frankfurt and we look forward to intense contact with all of you international publishers in the weeks to come.


Best literary wishes, 

Maria Enberg and Grand Agency


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