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Grand News # Sep, 2008


News in short

  • Maria Eriksson’s new book Emma, Mia’s Daughter (Emma, Mias dotter) is in the top at best seller lists.
  • Kajsa Ingemarsson’s The Wheel of Fortune (Lyckans hjul) straight to the German best seller list.
  • German Network Movie options the film rights for Karin Wahlberg’s crime novels.
  • Torkel Klingberg's The Overflowing Brain (Den översvämmade hjärnan) will be released October 28 in USA at Oxford University Press.
  • Swedish TV success for Anna Jansson’s Strange Bird (Främmande fågel).  1,4 miljon watched the first episode.
  • Eva Sanner’s Happy, Horny and Thankful (Kåt, glad och tacksam, Albert Bonniers Förlag) is nominated to the Swedish Publishing Prize in the nonfiction category.


Always With You – new novel by Maria Ernestam

Always With You (Alltid hos dig) is a magnificent story that takes the reader on a journey deep into a family history where the main character is forced to meet both the past and the future.


Maria Ernestam, Who is Inga?

“Inga is one of the main characters in Always With You. She is a skilled photographer but has a hard time appreciating her own success. When her husband dies she feels a need to get control over her own life and escapes to the family mansion in Marstrand, on the west coast of Sweden. In the house she finds a cryptic letter, written and posted in Africa in 1916. Inga starts to dig into the past and reveals family secrets, buried for a long time. Her grandmother, it turns out, has experienced something very dramatic that has affected Inga’s own life more than she could ever imagine.”


How do you do your research?

“I read literature relevant to the subject, both fiction and nonfiction. I study letters, newspapers, films and anything that will bring out the right atmosphere, the correct time colour or the character of a person. I take notes, which I later change over and over again. Being a journalist, it’s very important to me that the details are correct. Since Always With You is told in two different times I had to check every historical detail really carefully. For example, when I write about an old shoe factory, I read business plans from the time, if I’m about to describe a home or a fashion from the beginning of the twenties century, well then I read fashion or furniture magazine from that time. Research is very important and often it also generates new ideas.”


Where do your stories come from?

”They are a mixture of what I have seen, heard, read, experienced and thought. Books, music, dance, film and theater inspire me as well as people I have met or people I would have liked to meet. In contrasts, the tension between black and white, between good and evil, that’s often where stories are hidden. When I let my character do unexpected things the most surprising might happen. I also find inspiration when I’m close to the sea. It’s as if my thought have more space when I am near the water.”


Betrayed –new novel by Katerina Janouch

Betrayed is a relationship thriller about motherhood, relationships and infidelity. It is filled with action although without violence and blood.


Katerina Janouch, Who is Cecilia Lund?

”Cecilia Lund is a midwife but also a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister and last but not least, a friend. She is a woman with her everyday life filled to the brim when a number of events turn everything upside down. I think the moments that play a decisive role in peoples lives are exiting to write about.”


One day the doorbell rings at Cecilias home. Who is it?

“It’s a young man called Simon who claims he is the son of John, Cecilia’s husband. He says he’s the result of a passionate teenage love affair. But Simon is a mysterious soul and he brings anxiety to the family which threatens their whole existence.”


Will there be more books about Cecilia Lund?

”Yes, definitely! I’m deep into part two already. A lot of things will happen both within the family and at the maternity ward. One of my favorite tv-shows is Grey’s Anatomy and with the Cecilia Lund series I wanted to create a book version of Grey’s with the focus on birth and private life. I want to write what I myself would like to read.”


Words from the agent

The autumn looks exciting. While the storms are roaring in the financial districts and anxiety spreads in the economy, it’s good to know that there are authors working to create wonderful experiences. Right now is when we need them most!


And it is comforting to know that the interest for books and flowers usually stand upright throughout recessions. A good testimonial to mankind.


At Grand Agency we have some of the greatest Nordic authors. Please surf our web and get to know them. See you in the autum's book crowd!


Warm wishes,

Maria Enberg


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