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Grand News # Sep, 2009


Grand Agency proudly presents some of the latest news from Scandinavia


Kajsa Ingemarsson/Karin Nordlander – Dreamlife – Happy for Real (Norstedts)

With Dreamlife, people can find the way to their inner strength and untapped potential. Inspiring examples are altered with simple techniques everybody can learn. It is about finding your inner power, how to trust your intuition, to find happiness and to make one’s dreams come true. And best of all – it works! Experience this fantastic and revolutionizing book. Read more here…


Katerina Janouch – Sisterhood (Piratförlaget)

Sisterhood is the second in the series about midwife Cecilia Lund. Once again, Katerina Janouch gives her readers a warm and trustworthy description of every day drama in the life of a modern woman. The tension is turned up when a secret women’s network, fighting violent crime against women, enters her life. The first book, Betrayed, made a big success in Sweden when it recently came in paperback. Read more about Sisterhood here…


Cilla Naumann – Round in Circles (Albert Bonniers)

n this book, one of Sweden’s mostly acclaimed literary authors portrays a woman and a city area in disbandment. When the main character’s block is rebuilt, chaos enters her life and makes the writing of the play she is working on complicated. It is a nervous, drastic and sad story which raises those simple questions so hard to find answer to. What is homesickness and how do you find comfort? Read more about the book here…


Mats Strandberg – Half Lives (Forum)

In Half Lives, one of Sweden’s most promising young authors displays his shining talent. Half Lives is about family secrets and lies, in a Sweden of today as well as in the fifties. The readers get to join in a journey through time and room. And when the two worlds are connected, the drama increases. Read more about the book here…


Inger Wolf – The Singing Bird (Modtryk)

Denmark’s rising star on the Scandinavian crime scene is back with the third book in her series about Daniel Trokic, vice Superintendent with Croatian background, and his colleague IT-guru Lisa Kornelius. Just like before, Inger Wolf portrays ordinary people who by various coincidents cross borders. In what seems to be a quiet Århus, evil broods in the most unexpected places in the city. The Singing Bird is a tight story driven forward by dialogue and quick action. Read more about The Singing Bird here …


Words from the agent

We are proud to represent one of the most interesting literary scenes in world today. Make a habit to visit our website now and then to get the latest news about our Nordic authors. We are looking forward seeing you at the Book Fairs this fall!


Best regards from Maria Enberg and Grand Agency


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